A Pride History Lesson: What Made San Francisco Gay?

To ask this question is to receive a series of uneasy answers; shaky responses guided by misconstrued information and misplaced dates. A few names get barked out without much elaboration, and answers start to take the tone of questions themselves. Of course, credit is given to certain names engrained in San Francisco’s history: Harvey Milk, […]

It’s Valentine’s Day, So Be Patient With Yourself

On this day, you meander the sidewalks outside your gym; your art studio; your shared apartment; the cement that sits at the entrance to your favorite bar, ruminating on the notion of love. You pass the sun-bathed cafe where you and your “almost someone” macerated artisanal scones at and huddled around one another’s iPhones, watching […]

As A Gay Man, Other Gay Men Still Scare Me & It’s Affecting My Ability To Be Normal

And it festers within internalized homophobia, jealousy, and sadness. It’s something I’m seeing more and more as days pass by. Why do I put so much of my self-worth into pretty gay people? I’m proud of being a gay man. Surrounded by a community that lifts each other up without being dependent on race, monetary […]

5 LGBT Instagrams You Should Be Currently Following

Because who doesn’t need a little inspiration and love on their feed? Here are a few accounts that will make you go awwww, ahhhhh, and yassssss to. A post shared by Brock + Chris (@yummertime) on Apr 1, 2018 at 5:22pm PDT @Yummertime The famously gay-duo in San Francisco, the Yummertime boys (Brock and Chris) […]

Things To Do: The First Ever Castro Art Walk Is Coming This Thursday

Proven to be a neighborhood success, the Castro is getting with it and is exploring the Art Walk scene. Coming together with 10 artists in the community, the Castro will soon turn the party foot traffic into a vibrant artists hurrah. Starting for the first time this Thursday, all will be open from 6 to […]

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