Do Gladioli Bulbs Spread?

A perennial flowering plant of the Iridaceae family, Gladiolus is one of the most familiar species. Read more about Gladioli bulbs. This plant is called a gladiolus because it is the diminutive of the Latin word “gladius,” which translates into “sword.” I believe its appearance is perfect for the name. Gladiolus or sword lilies are […]

Homing: Hung Tzu Ni’s Search For Home Through Light and Sound

In October 2019, Hung Tzu Ni, an active Taiwanese experimental sound scene artist, spent one month in San Francisco’s Chinatown as part of an artist residency program at the Chinese Cultural Center (CCC). Hung’s very first exhibit in the United States, “Homing”, will explore her experience in Chinatown and how the sights, sounds, architecture, and neighborhood cadence contribute to […]

New Hayes Valley Art Installation Is Coming to Patricia’s Green Next Month

HYBYCOZO, which brings large-scale installations to Burning Man and beyond. They are above and beyond when it comes to beautiful high intensity sculptures. This new installation will feature a ton of light play, “with unique laser cut patterned panels and LED lights that can change colors.” And if you think they look fragile and light […]

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