Best Stereo Receiver For Music – Know More

Introduction Stereo Receivers enable you to supervise the audio over extra speakers, receiving the benefit of 5.1 and 7.2 channel audio selections, also amplifying the sound, and even doing individual room amendments on the signal which enhances and boosts the sound quality. You can continue reading if you want to know the best stereo receiver […]

Do the Kidz Bop Kids Get Paid?

Children have always been part of the entertainment industry, and they are ever-present in the music industry and recently even more so. One of the most prominent child based brands in the US is Kidz Bop. Kidz Bop makes family-friendly cover songs of famous pop songs and has been named Billboard’s No. 1 Kid’s Album […]

Will A Victrola Ruin Records?

Victrola was a trademarked (1901) gramophone marketed by the Victor Talking Machine Company, an American record company, in 1906. It was the most popular home-based phonograph available in the 1920s and 30s. The company continued to manufacture and sell these until the late 1960s. According to Eldridge R. Johnson, the company head, the name Victrola […]

What is the verse in the song?

A true blue music enthusiast identifies and cherishes the joy one attains when listening to any kind of music. Our day-to-day chores are often accompanied by the musical sound of our favorite songs. It possesses the ability to make us feel almost any type of emotion, be it the feeling of utter excitement or surreal […]

COALESCE—Facing These Moments—with Artists in residence Nkechi Njaka and Tauwoo

2020 is coming to an end—we can all thank our stars and garters. But for those who feel that they may have unrecognized baggage from the firestorm of our new decade, this is an event you won’t want to miss. Artists in residence Nkechi Njaka and Tauwoo have experimented with collaboration on all fronts through […]

The World of Molly Tuttle: It’s Hers And We’re All Just Living In It

The former Palo Alto now Nashville-based singer, songwriter has gone through quite the journey in her lifetime. Tuttle experienced a devastating tornado that tore through much of East Nashville, followed by the global pandemic. Tuttle, who grew up in California and has toured as a solo artist for years, suddenly found herself – along with […]

San Holo Combines Sound and Sensibility With “album1”

It’s been an incredibly introspective past few years for DJ and record producer, San Holo, who has maintained prominence in the EDM industry since his viral 2014 remix of Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode.” The Dutch artist possesses a charming optimism unmatched by his genre’s contemporaries, one which compelled him to give songs on his […]

The October Playlist: Nothing Spooky, Just Dancey

If you’re like me, October and the lead up to Halloween is just every house party under the sun. Though some may not have great music tastes, we’re here to help bring the jams this month. In case the DJ is making bad choices, grab the AUX cord straight from his hand and get the […]

The September Playlist: Here to Chill You Out And Get You Fiery

September is such a weird month. It’s in between two major holidays and doesn’t really have an anthem tied to it. Well, that’s where the Bob Cut editors come in. Though they’re not songs about the month, we hope it can hold you over on your run, walk, or climb around the city. Some of […]

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