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What is a Tatanka Buffalo?

Traveling across Florida, North America, Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico, you might have heard of the name Tatanka Buffalo grazing peacefully in the vast grasslands and attracting various tourists to capture the beautiful view and feel the warmth of nature. Read more to know what a Tatanka Buffalo is? Tatanka Buffalos are commonly known […]

Soap Box Talk: The National Park Service (NPS) is the Unspoken Casualty of our Current Government Shutdown

Campgrounds are rotting; there’s literal shit spewing from yet-repaired toilets; three people, thus far, have died. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the current, un-backed (and unfunded) National Parks System. Unless you’ve been under a proverbial rock—and a fucking heavy one, at that—you should be wildly aware of the current state of our government. Which, essentially, […]

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