Are Walmart perfume Real?

Perfume has been around for over 5,000 years. The first perfume was made by mixing fragrant oils and aromatic resins. Perfume is one of the most common everyday items used, yet it is often overlooked. Perfume has been used in many cultures since ancient times and can be considered a universal language. It is also […]

7 Bay Area Perfumers You Need To Sniff Out For Fall

Scent—a powerful way to make a first and sometimes last impression, coming in for that hug or handshake with a person you haven’t met and knowing them based on their perfume or cologne is a real thing. Make a good first impression and give a sniff to these local Bay Area perfumeries. Congoscenti // […]

Someone’s Bottled-up the Smell of Baby Kittens, and We’re Having Mixed Feelings

Smell your feline friend anywhere…, Photo via Pexels Ever wonder how you could bottle-up that baby kitten smell? Well, someone has too—and done it. Really puts a whole new meaning to “Beauty and the Beast,” doesn’t it? (Well, not that six-week-old kittens are beast-like, per say—but you get the metaphor.) The noses at Demeter Fragrance […]

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