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Is Flipping Out Season 12 Canceled?

Flipping Out is a famous American TV reality drama that was featured on Bravo. But there have been lots of rumors regarding the cancellation of season 12 of Flipping Out. Are these rumors true or not? Stay tuned till the end of the article and find out Is Flipping Out Season 12 Canceled or not. […]

English Conversation About TV Progr...
English Conversation About TV Program

Why is Eeyore depressed in Winnie the pooh?

It’s worth seeing how fictional characters are depicted suffering from mental illnesses. A wide audience of these fictional series is children or teenagers, who might tumble into situations where they might suffer mentally but lack the knowledge about what’s happening with them. Depicting such sensitive topics through film media can make them aware of the […]

Third Rail To Have A ‘Stranger Things’ Pop Up This Weekend — We’re Dying

Dog Patch’s jerky bar Third Rail. Expect creepy 80′s synth music, waffles, and Christmas lights… To really bring out the spirit of the show. If you haven’t decided your costume, we recommend test trialing your best Joyce, Eleven, or even the Monster. You can also get to sip on some specialty cocktails made for the […]

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