Month: July 2019

Rooftops and Fine Dining: A Night at the Proper Hotel

A lot of us have a thing for rooftops. Teetering on the edge of a city, blanketed in the indigo blue of evening time, it’s a perfect place to make a memory, make a move, and watch the world go by from ten+ stories up. In cities like Los Angeles or New York, rooftop bars […]

The July Editor’s Letter: It’s Intern Season

Picture this: it’s Friday night and it’s been a hell of a week. Something has just been aggravating you. No other way to say it. Irritation coming at you from all sides. Is it the current political climate? Well, it’s perpetually that, but this time it’s something else, too. Is it the city air, polluted, […]

‘The Power of Scent’ Isolates Your Senses in a Weekend Long Experience

    ‘The Power Of Scent’ recognizes and celebrates fragrance as a true artistic medium and a consumer product. Bob Cut Mag, San Francisco’s pillar of millennial printed content, brings their favorite makers, designers, and artisans at the American Craft Show 2019. ‘The Power Of Scent’ is an experiential installation that brings scent to the […]

Filipino Food of the Bay Area: Our Stories on Cooking, Recipes, And Being Together

Filipino food may be slowly gaining the status of a full-blown trend. In recent years, the late Anthony Bourdain has professed his love for the cuisine. Many Filipino spots from all over the country have amassed steady followings and critical acclaim—think Señor Sisig here in the Bay, Eggslut in LA, Maharlika in NYC, and Bad […]

Methodology On Food As Medicine & How Changing Your Diet Can Change Your World

Being a working professional in a metropolitan city can get busy. Having to balance a career, exercise, a romantic life and friends is a full time job in itself. That makes cooking healthy nourishing meals every day nearly impossible. Instead, most of us turn to eating out as an easy fix to nourishing our bodies. […]

The Dance of Art & Food: Chef Peter J. Hemsley on Marrying The Duo

Just recently opened in SOMA in April, Palette is an innovative concept by Chef-Proprietor Peter J. Hemsley that brings together food, art and community in a breathtaking two-story 8,500 square foot space that serves as part restaurant, art gallery, artist studio and retail shop.  They feature partnerships with local artists with a gallery that turns […]

The Nudge: Founder John Peterson Talks Taking Initiative and Actually Useful Technology 

When John Peterson decided to start The Nudge with his sister and co-founder Sarah over a year and a half ago, he began by mulling over a single self-introspection: “I have never really felt like technology has served me in the parts of my life that are most meaningful to me.” That’s a bit of […]

A Stream of Thoughts While Running a Half Marathon in Yosemite

There comes a time in some people’s life (mine) where they (me) decide they are going to be the person who runs half marathons. Maybe it’s a godly force of human athleticism that inspires this lunacy, or maybe it’s a well posed Instagram ad that prompts you to text your best friend and say something […]

The Grateful Dead Rises For A Bag Collection We’re Absolutely Loving

Each era unknowingly makes its own contribution to the world either through music, fashion or politics. The sixties were a time of rebellion and liberal expressions, then came the eighties and that was a time of grunge and the tech boom. Although both eras are two very distinct time periods, the Timbuk2 team and Kei […]

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