Month: November 2020

November’s Best Bay Area Restaurants To Order Takeout From or Dine Al Fresco at

During the pandemic, our beloved dining and drink communities continue to struggle to hang on, so my dining column includes takeout/delivery, sans indoor (currently closed as of Nov. 29th), but when the time comes again to eat indoors (here, our tips on how to dine indoors safely).  Please join me in helping to keep our […]

Go Organic Eats: Where To Get Your Leafy Greens In Downtown San Francisco

The era of self-care has arrived and with it comes the demand to look and feel virtuous. The need for a healthier lifestyle has necessitated along with the glamorization of organically grown foods.  While San Francisco is known for its diversity and exceptional views, it doesn’t comprise the most striking farming reputation, being as it’s […]

An Attainable Holiday Gift Guide For All The Bay Area To Enjoy

Every year, the holidays roll around and we’re stuck on inspiration to gift people. Though some resort to gift cards and quick fixes in gift giving, we’re taken another root and sourced our favorite, out-of-the-box ideas that can easily translate from full gift wrap to stocking stuffer. And of course, much ado to the number, […]

Womxn Are Tired Of Single-Use Plastic: How Sustainable Mindsets Will Rebuild Our Future Before There Is None

This year has been difficult, to say the least, and I think we could all use a beacon of hope in these dark times. To quote Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “[…]Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.” With the passing of R.B.G, it is more evident […]

San Francisco Bread Eaten, Ranked (Sorta), and Recommended By The Bob Cut Editors

We tried bread from 9 of San Francisco’s most popular bakeries in one day. One day. Without waiting for the yeast to rise, check out our breakdown of each location and if it’s worth the carbs. Which breads are worth buying and which ones can be overlooked? Acme Bread The Berkeley-based company sells all over […]

The Lost Brews—San Francisco Beer of Yesteryear

Beer in San Francisco is becoming serious business, but do these breweries know their superiors? We have compiled a vintage-y list of brews that were made right here in San Francisco—once upon a time. Photo via San Francisco Brewery History Swan Brewery Beer Swan was serving suds around 1874, later declaring bankruptcy in 1881. The […]

Independent Organization in Oakland Needs Support To Help Struggling Businesses Build ‘Lifeline’ Parklets

Parklets aren’t cheap — by any stretch of the imagination. Many in the Bay Area, even before factoring in the cost of permit fees, can cost upwards of $10,000. But in a time marked by social distancing and rising COVID-19 cases (that are linked toward indoor activities), they’ve become essential for businesses to build, should […]

5 Things You May Experience on the 5R: Straight From a Devoted Muni Rider

You can almost always count on Muni to be a hot, hot mess. (Especially on those days temperatures reach a record breaking 69 degrees.) However, with countless stops and endless routes, Muni provides a cheap and truly accessibly opportunity to experience all San Francisco has to offer. Hop on the 22 Fillmore in the Marina […]

The Next Sexual Revolution: Examining Polyamory In The Bay Area

Since I moved to San Francisco, I’ve been hearing people saying that they are in a polyamorous relationship. Last year, I was dating a guy whose roommate is “poly.” Sam, a 35-year-old nurse living in Concord, has three boyfriends, and her main guy, who just moved in with her is also dating another woman whom […]

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