What is a Clean Dirty Martini?

Clean Dirty Martini

What makes a drink worthwhile? The taste, the aroma, or the presentation? In the world of mixology, all these aspects hold equal weights. And one of the best drinks to have for any occasion is Martini! Do you find the above terms outweighing your confidence to make a good martini? No worries, we got your back. Know about a clean dirty martini.

Martini cocktail is believed to be in existence since the 1860s, though the origin vaguely points to Martinez, California. Nowadays, you can find numerous variations of a classic martini. But the world’s best martini is perhaps, The Clean Dirty Martini. Because guess what? It is ready to drink cocktail. This is an illegitimate collaboration of Conker lab, a distillery lab of Conker Spirits in Bournemouth, Dorset, and Two fields, a harvesting company based in Zakros, Greece.

The Classic mix of Martini

Before diving into the clean dirty martini, I would like to address the original drink from where it is inspired from. A dry vodka martini, shaken not stirred. We all have heard this line. Yes, that’s the infamous James Bond’s favorite martini. Usually, a classic martini contains gin but that’s the beauty of a martini it can be costumed as needed. Though, it is believed substituting gin to vodka is not the best move to make a good dirty martini. You can find uncountable martini recipes on the internet today, try to find the one that sticks to you.

Now, ‘The dirty martini’ which is a variation of classic martini i.e a mix of gin and vermouth, but with the addition of olive brine or juice makes a dirty martini. The name classifies the martinis as per their appearance. Because, the olive adds a yellowish or green tinge to the drink is, making the drink dirty.

Further, you have variations with dry or wet, clean or dirty, upside-down, a 50-50, or a perfect martini. This one cocktail was made to play with, by substituting one element the drink can be completely transformed. 

Depth of Clean Dirty Martini

As the name suggests, it is a clean version of a dirty martini. The Dirty Martini has been around since the 1930s when the innovation hit the palate with that cloudy appearance and interesting character to a classic martini. The public started to enjoy the golden drops of olive oil in a very clean, dry, and aromatic drink.

A splash of olive oil or brine in gin and dry vermouth results in a dirty martini. Now, what is clean about it? Conker Labs captured the austere olive flavor in the Dorset dry gin infusing with extra ordinate Extra Virgin olive oil from Two Fields, and top it off with a perfect touch of vermouth. It’s an exquisite combination of super complex savory flavors. As the liquor used is a distilled product and the olive oil of top quality, the infusion results in a clean martini, or a slight shaded one rather than creating a dark hue. Thus, the name was coined.

What’s in the Bottle Of Clean Dirty Martini?

It comes in a short cylinder bottle with a small narrow neck, the appearance is rusty but the content is magic. The overall look is classic and to a vintage end, the label is elegant with monochrome designs. The label states for 75 cl it has 25% ABV (alcohol by vol). This is a limited edition run, so what are you waiting for, get your hands on it.

All the work is done by Conker Labs, and yes! you just need to pop in the bottle in a freezer for a couple of hours before serving, and voila! No stirring, no shaking, simply pour the drink in your fancy glasses, and that’s a velvety, beautiful mixture of martini; ready to sip. 

The Taste-Test

As mentioned earlier this bottle got some magic inside. With the super complex flavors, a velvety texture, this drink is made for brunch or predinner, or any occasion where you want to chill with an incredible blend of a classic cocktail. You need to taste it to believe it, but rather than waiting I would like to dive into its taste for sure. 

Starting with aroma, it has a delicate scent of olives and pines. The tasting notes of this drink are pinery juniper with a hint of spice. Seamlessly going into a pinch of citrus and finishing off fresh and peppery. The texture is a silky and smooth transition to spice which leads to a delicious explosion in your mouth. 


Conker Labs X Two Fields by producing this extravagant cocktail in a ready-to-drink form now can serve in a wider range. The asset of introducing ‘The Clean Dirty Martini’ is offering everyone the delicious flavor of Dorset & Two Fields in a nutshell. And also, the idea of a good martini has been limited to bars but with this, things will change. 

Frequently asked questions

1. How is the clean dirty martini different from a dirty martini?

A dirty martini is a fresh cocktail made with dry gin and vermouth with few drops of olive brine. On the other hand, the clean dirty martini is a bottled martini made up of Dorset dry gin, Two fields’ Extra virgin olive oil, and dry vermouth. Both tastes salty and savory because of the addition of olive. However, the taste isn’t identical.

2. Where can you get the clean dirty martini?

As it is a creation of Conker labs, the first batch is for sale. You can find this on their official website, plus some other alcohol-selling shops as well like The Solent Cellar.

3. How much does a bottle cost?

For now, Conker Labs have only introduced the first batch of clean dirty martini which costs £27 to £30. 

4. What is the processing behind The Clean Dirty Martini?

We don’t have the details of the manufacturing of this bottled martini. As it has been released recently by May of 2021. And Conker labs has sold only the first batch, that in count only 100 bottles of a clean dirty martini. For now, the secret will be behind curtains for some time. 

What is a Clean Dirty Martini?

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