What is a Clean Dirty Martini?

What makes a drink worthwhile? The taste, the aroma, or the presentation? In the world of mixology, all these aspects hold equal weights. And one of the best drinks to have for any occasion is Martini! Do you find the above terms outweighing your confidence to make a good martini? No worries, we got your […]

Secret Recipe: The Black And Blue Berry Gin & Tonic For Summer Long Sipping

Though today may be National Gin & Tonic day, everyday can be Gin & Tonic day if you use delicious seasonal ingredients. And because you can. In the Bob Cut spirit, we wanted to create a drink that was simple but also very beautiful to make. And talk about easy as well. This Blackberry-blueberry collaboration […]

Negroni, Negroni: The Only Week I Look Forward To

The end of June spells sweet summertime, but in the bars it’s a time for bitterness, too. Negroni week runs from June 24th to June 30th, with thousands of bars participating nationwide, San Francisco being no exception. The proceeds from Negroni tabs will directly benefit local charities like the SF Marin Food Bank, so all […]

Secret Recipe: Pomegranate Sangria For An Ending Summer Celebration

Put your mixology skills to good use with this Sangria recipe filtered with pomegranate and citrus flavors — Not a good bartender? Check out our list of delish Sangria to consume in SF whilst dining. What we love about Sangria is that if we ever feel guilty about going out and partaking in an alcoholic […]

New Tricks: A Bar Menu Worth Flipping For

Two weeks ago, I visited Trick Dog, a bar in the Mission District in San Francisco. Although it wasn’t my neck of the woods, my friend informed me of their new menu and theme and I was automatically stoked. The special thing about Trick Dog is that they change their menu every 6 months. “We […]

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