What are the Best Space Puns?

Best Space Puns

Puns have a typical definition, ‘of making a joke using the different possible meanings of a word according to the dictionary. The puns have existed from the time of Christ or even before as it has been articulated by Jesus in Matthew 16:18,” Thou art Peter and upon this rock (Petra) I will build my church.” The puns are not just entertaining use of words but are also a literary device that was used by many historic great poets, writers such as Shakespeare, John Donne, and Milton, etc. I know this information is not what you are searching for in this article. Read more to find out the Best Space Puns.

The space puns you are looking for are the puns which are the play of words that share a similar tone but different meanings. These are known to be used for a comic set in the poems and stories and to make the readers laugh or smirk a little. A pun is a device you can use in any form in any way, you can either come up with a hard-to-understand, clever pun or a cringy one leaving the other person uncomfortable.

Puns can be made on almost everything you hear or see; you just need to be clever and intelligent with its usage or it might be misunderstood as well so being careful is suggested. Space is another word that invites a large number of puns. The language English is a tricky one with a word having different meanings but the same pronunciation. In the same way, the word ‘space’ as you all know, has different meanings to it but the same pronunciation. The meaning of space is the distance between one object and the other one but it also means the astronomical universe.

The puns have been widely used for lightening the mood, giving hints of smartness in the creator and its user, and now to also decorate the Instagram picture’s caption with a witty, funny, and sly word using a pun. A personal favorite space pun would be,’ I am a huge fan of space, both outer and personal.’ If this particular sentence with its usage made you go ‘wow’ or this was a nice one and I can use it next time someone tried to invade my space or invited me to a party I do not want to go to. Let me assure you a treat of an article filled with puns to make you giggle a little, think a little, and be a little amazed and prepared to admire this art of pun making and become captivated with its usage in the most unexpected ways. The first one, to begin with, will be the greatest star in the article because it is related to the sun and its usage is just out of the world. Yes, I am also getting a little better in my own pun game.

The earth goes,’ I have a day on my name on the planet. This honor represents my importance there.’

The sun (annoyed),’ Okay! Whatever.

(Three days later) 

The sun,’ Hey earth, what day is today?’

The earth,’ Sun you are always so lazy and confused, that is why you do not have a day. Let me look into my calendar. Oh! It’s sun-day.’  

The sun (sarcastically),’ Oh I have so many days I forget the number and date only. Thank you, earth.’

This pun intended joke has a very story-like structure, making it perfect for your little kid when they are cranky and you want to give them a little tickle. This will make them think, along with being introduced to puns, and the earlier they figure it out the sooner they will trick you with smart puns.

Correlated Space Puns 

To get started we have some sections divided with the jokes relating to a particular subject or words and which are associated with the vast world of space. Use of certain space-related words such as astronaut, planet, stars, rockets, etc. These topics are responsible for generating infinite puns. No space jokes are complete without the usage of some puns. Figuring out your own set of puns with the play of words and sounds will lead you to a great number of jokes you can crack along with some that are provided to you in the article. You can also understand the sound and meanings of the words from their usage here and then further use them in your creative way. This article is also going to help you ignite your potential for generating new witty pun jokes. Now, below we will look at some more space puns but this time they will be unfolded under particular words relating to space and will also promote ease in case you are searching for a specific word-related pun.  

We will begin with our star in the center of the universe, the sun.

  1.  I think the sun would be very heavy to carry?

No, I don’t think so. Why did you say that?

Because it is light.

  1. When it is all said and sun, let us go and lay in the sunshine.
  1. It’s all sun and games till you start getting sunburns.
  1. What did earth say to the stars when they were shining?


Like father, like sun.

  1. You know bread and sun are the same.


Both of them rise in the yeast.

  1. The moon broke up with the sun.


Because the sun denied its date in the night.

  1. What does the sun do in the morning?

It rays and shines.

  1. What do you call a person with a hilarious personality and a summery outfit?

A sunny(funny) person.

  1.  Do you know who is the most intelligent star in space?


The sun. Because he has the most degrees and is the brightest in the whole universe.

  1. What do you call a sun who is funny?



  1. What did the moon say to the sun?

 The former said that it would be dark without the latter.

Let us now move on to the moon, where we had to end up lunar or later.

  1.  What did the moon say to the sun as the latter was setting?


Wait for a moon-ute.

  1. When is the moon the most visible?


As moon as the sun sets.

  1. What do you call a foolish person on the moon?


A lunar-tic.

  1. Why do you think the moon looks sad?

I don’t know. Why?

Because he is going through a phase. 

  1. What is the moon’s favorite day of the week?

It’s moon-day.

  1. What is the hero’s name in space?

It’s called the super moon.

  1. There was no room on the moon.


Because it was full.

  1.  Do you know what is moon’s favorite cartoon?

 Its lunar-toons.

  1. What is the vacation after marriage on the moon called?


It is called Honey-earth.

  1. How will you describe the blue moon tonight?

It is blue-tiful.

  1. What did the moon say to the other planets?

I am super.

I did not pass my pun game with shining stars, but these star puns might.

  1.  What is the similarity between bats and stars?


Both of them stay up all night.

  1. Where are all the milk supplies for the stars?


In a milky way.

  1. What do you call a fish on the star?


  1. Where do you find everyday needs in space?

In the grocery star.

  1.  What is satire in the space called?


  1. What do you call an awesome story?

We call it Starry.

  1. What did the star answer a question in an interview?

It said no comets.

  1. Why do the stars fall to the earth?

Because it is allotted five stars in the review.

  1. Why were you punished in school?

For star-ting a fight.

  1. What do you call watching your favorite actors?


  1. What is the favorite route of the astronauts?

 It is the milky way.

Now let us move forward to the three-eyed alien, quite literally. The aliiiens 

  1.  I wanted to go to the place where aliens study?

What is its name?

A universe-ity.

  1. What is the alien’s favorite chewing gum?

What is it?


  1.  What category of a poem is aliens’ favorite to write?

The poem with a uni-verse.

  1. What are the favorite bars of the aliens?

The mars bar and the space bar.

  1. Where are the aliens’ educational tours?

They are in the planetarium. 

  1. What is the common parking place in space for the aliens?

It is near the parking meteor.

  1. What do you call a snail living with an alien?


A snailien. 

  1. What does every bar in the space lack?

It lacks the atmosphere.

  1. What are romantic experiences of aliens known as?

They are known as love star-ies.

  1. What is a common station for the aliens?


It’s the space station.

  1. Why was the alien jailed?

Because he spaced out on his duty.

I never really liked the astronauts, because they are always above me. But I will just go on with some puns that amuse me.

  1.  What did the first cow astronaut say as soon as it landed in space?


It said moooooon.

  1. What do astronauts eat in space?

They eat the space jam.

  1.  What would be astronauts’ favorite dessert in space?

It is the milky way.

  1. How should I impress an astronaut?

Just do a moonwalk.

  1. What game should an astronaut take to space to pass time?

They should not take any game as they can play moon-opoly in space.

  1. Where is the astronauts’ party?

They planet on their favorite planet in space.

  1. How do the astronauts keep their spaceships clean?

They vacuum it.

  1. What work did Mickey Mouse have with the astronaut?


He wanted the astronaut to find Pluto for him.

  1. What day is chosen by the astronaut for landing on the moon?

It is the moon-day.

  1. What is the one common magazine for the astronauts on both earth and space?


The Cosmo-politan magazine.

  1. What did the astronaut say about the sweet course?

There is always space for dessert.

Further, let us talk about what did the boastful planet earth say to the other planets.

It said that you guys do not have any life.

  1. Jupiter study astronomy properly or you will fail. ( hint: you better.)

You see what I did there

  1. I like the Saturn on this cloth. It matches with the shirt in my closet. (hint: pattern)
  1. I have developed a deep interest in space all of a Saturn. (hint: sudden)

Yes, my obsession has also taken over my vocabulary. 

  1.  This is my favorite planet in the room. I water it every day to make it bloom into a beautiful flower. (hint: plant)
  1. You are such a Venus to pass all your subjects with flying colors. (hint: genius)
  1. Why was the planet Jupiter eliminated from the sports in space?


Because he was inhaling asteroids. (hint: steroids)

  1. Who is the most listened to artist in the space?

It is Bruno Mars.

  1. How do the creatures in space remain in contact with each other?

Probably through their space book.

  1. What did other planets say to earth for being the only planet to have a good atmosphere?

They said, ‘Earth you rock.’

  1. Which planet is the richest in space?

It’s Saturn.


Because it has many rings.

  1. What did other planets say about the earth?

That it is earth the hype. (hint: worth)

I am sure these puns would have warmed you up well. Here in the second half, you will find fifty more space puns to use as you like and where you like.

  1.  I might not be the best person to tell you space puns though,

You know because I have always won a constellation award in this field. 

  1. We cannot go on vacation without panning.

Someone has to planet.

  1. I am Ozymandias, the king of kings, Neil before me.
  1. It is such a pretty, and sunny day for this event,

So, let us rays a toast.

  1. With the enlargement of the ozone hole, it is getting out of our comfort ozone.
  1. The cold war between them is getting Sirius.
  1. They will comet us without a warning, so be attentive.
  1. I am sure that we will need star bucks if we want to trade with the aliens living in outer space.
  1. What would the aliens of the outer world say when they would sin?

They would apollo-gise.

  1. Where do the aliens hang out?

Wherever they want I guess because they have got so much space.

  1. The moon is the original photobomber, 

And has become a professional because of all the solar eclipse experiences.

  1. We share a day with the aliens,

Which day?


  1. Everyone is very interested in the outer world all of a Saturn.
  1. Neil Armstrong Neil-ed his space mission to the moon. (hint: nailed)
  1. You can always rely on earth to make your day.


By revolving.

  1. What kind of belts are worn by the outer planet organisms?


  1. Do you know what’s my favorite type of shower?

A meteor-shower.

  1. What kind of offenders are common in space?

The shooting starts.

  1. How do aliens get out of their houses?

They launch.

  1. You need to meteor new tutor before the class today.
  1. The show was comparatively meteor than it looks on the television. (hint: mightier)
  1. What grades did the black hole get in space?

Not great.


Oh! He’s not that bright.

  1. Why are they acting so childish on such a monumental day?

Because they don’t understand the gravity of the event.

  1. What is the most common dirt in space?

It’s the stardust.

  1. What is Saturn’s favorite accessory? 

They are rings.

  1. Where do aliens go ring shopping?

To the planet Saturn.

  1. What tea is the best-selling in the space?


  1. Do not worry about the show because I know that you will rocket.
  1. Why did the moon cancel his order?

Because he was full.

  1. Why do aliens go to the school with the stars?

Because they want to get brighter.

  1. What did you say to the moon before the new moon?

        See you moon. (hint: soon)

  1. The space truly fascinates me; it is a-moon-sing.
  1. What did the mother teach their children?

Better safe than starry.

  1. What did Neil Armstrong’s mother tell her relatives when his son planted his first step on the moon?


My son did so amazingly in his journey that he’s literally over the moon.

  1. What did the moon tell the earth?

       Seal your ec-lipse. (hint: lips)

  1. Do you know who the star has a crush on?


The sun.

How do you know?

Because the sun was the center of his universe.

  1. The sun is very punctual.


Because he’s up and at-om. (hint: at them, which further means getting ready and doing your work)

  1. What did earth say to the asteroid?


       You rock my world.

  1. What did the molten dust particles say?

I was earth before it was cool. 

  1. What did the astronomer say about the moon out of fascination?

Wow! You are out of this world.

  1. Where do the galaxies exist?

Alien the space.

  1. Why does the cow want to explore the space?

Because it created the milky way.

  1. Why was the astronaut fired by his boss?

Because he spaced out while performing his job.

  1. What are the space organism’s favorite cheese toppings?  

 Moon-zarella cheese.

  1. What is the best relationship type in space?

Pluto-nic relationship.

  1. I wanted to leave earth, 

So, I tried using the spacebar.

  1. I decided to buy a spaceship, 

       But its prices were astronomical.

  1.  I tried studying meteors and comets but it went entirely over my head.
  1.  It has been a very tiring morning. Do you know what we need?


We need a launch break.

  1. Do you know what songs are heard by the aliens?


The nep-tunes.

Let us wind up with our last best batch that will serve as a dessert to this full-course article.

  1. Which movie is the most celebrated on planet Saturn?

Lord of the rings.

  1. Why does the planet Jupiter have a large number of scary werewolves?

Because the planet has sixty-four and counting moons.

  1.  Do you know which place has the most breathtaking views?

Which place?

It is space.

  1. What do you call a lethargic astronaut?

We call it a proc-astronaut. (hint: procrastinating astronaut) 

  1. Which planet does not take the help of a vacuum to clean its space?

It’s mercury.


Because it is very dusty.

  1. Why did all the planets start a revolution?

Because the sun was declared as the center of the universe as well as in charge of the solar system.

  1. What do the aliens call their ex on the earth?

They call them SpaceX.

  1. Why did they reduce one astronaut from the crew of five to go on the moon?

Because there was no space.

  1. Why are the alien’s space ships so expensive?

Because they are out of this world.

  1. Why did an astronaut quit his job?

Because he had to over-comet.

The world of the pun jokes as well as clever usage of words to create confusion that will make the person reading it, read it twice. The puns spice up the game of its user. Here we covered the best space puns that one can come across. But is there any end to the best space puns? I do not think so. The more people discover about the art of making puns, the more people will join it to make more mind-boggling puns. So, no there is no specific list of best puns that you will find. You will discover more and also make more and the ones you choose will be your list of best puns for any topic. Space is a very fascinating topic and does entertain many words that can be turned into puns. The vastness of the space and the infinite possibilities of meanings, facts, and words will make you intersect with excellent puns turned into jokes or clever remarks. I hope this massive list of puns put in front of you was worth your time. Next time I will count on you to impress your fellow astrophile with these witty jokes as well as the intelligent facts. Next time I hope I can add to this list, the ones that have been made by you including facts as well as laughs.

What are the Best Space Puns?

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