Did Tony Romo Win A Playoff Game?

Tony Romo Win A Playoff Game

Who is Tony Romo?

Tony Romo is an American citizen with Mexican and European heritage. He was born in 1980 in San Diego, California to an American-Mexican father who was with the Navy. He was also the grandson of a Mexican immigrant who came to America in his adolescence. His mother was of German and Polish descent. Read more about did Tony Romo Win A Playoff Game?

He became a professional football player at the quarterback position with the NFL (National Football League) for over a decade. Before his first professional paycheck came, he was played baseball, football, basketball, golf, and tennis. At the end of high school, he had the all-time scoring record in basketball at their school, Burlington High.

In college, his performance was the precursor to a career in professional football. He got a string of awards from different bodies and game records that go along with it. 

Did Tony Romo Win A Playoff Game and for How many Times?

After college and with no invitation to the first step towards the 2003 NFL draft, Tony did what he had to do at that time. But he had to do it in an unusual way than most players did. He went undrafted in the NFL. It was a bold and daring move that confused sports agents and the NFL teams alike. It was a gesture that said more of desire to play than of money. Read more about did Tony Romo Win A Playoff Game?

The Dallas Cowboys took him in during the draft as the third quarterback in their roster depth. Everything was at the bottom rung for several years until 2006 when he started as back-up for the starting quarterback. By fate, in the early weeks of the season, Romo proved himself and became the starting quarterback by week 8 of the season. In the finale of that year, the team lost by a point to enter the playoffs but Romo had set himself on paper.

Throughout his 14-year career as a professional football player, Tony Romo officially played only for one team, the Dallas Cowboys. There were some offers from other teams like the New Orleans Saints but the management of Dallas held on to him.

When Was His First Playoff Win?

Despite his sterling performance and the agony of injury and re-injury, the Cowboys finally tasted their first win in the playoffs after 14 years. This started on December 27, 2009, when the Cowboys were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the team in the NFL. The game was against the Washington Redskins and the score was 17-0 for the Cowboys that earned them a spot in the playoffs.

Two weeks later, that playoff spot was a wild card game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The  Cowboys won the game with a score of 34-14. They advanced up the ladder for the NFC Divisional Title against the Minnesota Vikings with Brett Favre at the helm. The Cowboys lost the game, 34-3.

Tony Romo had his first non-regular season playoff win at their own stadium. It was January 9, 2010, and the stadium was packed with over 92,000 cheering fans. The Dallas Cowboys finally won a postseason game since 1996 as a team.  

Tony Romo was the quarterback of the team in their failed bids in 2006 and 2997. In 2006, they had to wade through the wild card game and lost to the Seattle Seahawks by only a point. In 2007, the Cowboys were number 1 in their division. They had to tackle the #5 seed New York Giants to move up.  They lost the game at 21-17. 

Did Tony Romo win a second playoff game?

The Dallas Cowboys, with Tony Romo as their quarterback, came through in the regular season. It was the 2014 season of the NFL and the Cowboys gained a shot for a wild card. This was getting to be a very familiar situation for Romo. The Cowboys came through and won the wild card game against the Detroit Lions, 24-20.

Tony Romo won his second non-regular season playoff win. But the Dallas Cowboys, despite doing their best, were not a match against the Green Bay Packers for the divisional title. They lost the game against the Packers, 26-21.

In the 2015 season of the NFL, Romo started with a win on the first and second games. After that second game, however, Romo was down with an injury. Sacked by a linebacker of the Eagles, Romo was sidelined for eight weeks. He returned and won a game for the Cowboys. The next game after, on the field, he reinjured a previous injury and the team lost the season with a 4-10 record.

In the 2016 season, before the NFL regular season started, Romo again suffered an injury in a pre-season game.  He could not play in the next 10 games of the Cowboys. On the 11th week of the season, Romo came back but his duties were relegated to a younger quarterback. He sat down on the active roster but as a backup quarterback.

Romo made his first playing quarterback appearance for the 2016 regular season at the last game of the Cowboys against the Philadelphia Eagles where he threw for a touchdown pass. 


Several months after that touchdown pass, Romo announced his retirement. As a tribute to the man, the Dallas Mavericks – the pro basketball team of Dallas, Texas – suited him up in their uniform and did warm-ups with the team for the Maverick’s final home game. He never played but his warm-ups made some roars from the crowd and his parting words were greeted with cheers and claps and a standing ovation.  

Did Tony Romo Win A Playoff Game?

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