Best Cat Puns

Best Cat Puns

Cats; or scientifically felis domesticus, have been around the human race since civilizations as our dearest pets. They are cute, adorable, funny, and most importantly, they meow. The Egyptians loved their cats so much that they were even mummified and buried along with their master. The love for cats never grows old. The cats are the easily domesticable ones in the cat family. They are unlike their greater cousins or the big cats. They can get fierce and rude but those little paws make one forget that they are the little ones of the big cat family. Read more Best Cat Puns.

What is a pun?

A pun is a literary device or a figure of speech that gambles with the meaning of a word. The main intention of using puns in literature or normal writing is to invoke humor or comedy. Puns can also imply or strengthen the ironies or sarcasm that is deployed in the writing. It can be used as a hidden, well-structured joke. The puns that we are going to see here are based on wordplay. That is, the similarity of the word with some cat-related terms is exploited to intend the pun. It may or may not make you laugh. But the pun is indeed intended.

The puns associated with cats are furrfect or purrfect like the creatures themselves. Let us look at some of the best cat puns.

Cat puns

  1. Apawling (Appalling): appalling means something horrific or awful. It is a word to denote seriously or a piece of bad news. So control your “pun stimulators” before you intend them. 

Example: The attack between the cats turned out to be “apawling.” 

The paws will have a role when it comes to attacking anyway. So no question in how it became “apawling.”

  1. Befur (Before): we all know the meaning of the word. This is how it should be when it comes to cats.

Example: Hold the cat befur it runs behind the mouse. 

The fur is going to make the house messy after the chase.

  1. Catastrophe: An event of extreme loss or suffering. Just because it has the word “cat” does not mean that everything is cute.

Example: Leaving your dog with the cat can be catastrophic. They can be really good friends too, rarely.

  1. Cathletic (Athletic): a person who is into sports, especially field games. 

Example: I run races and I own a cat. Maybe I am a cathletic person. 

Pun intended indeed. The cat also runs fast. The cat might also be cathletic.

  1. ‘Cat’ch (Catch): to grab or hold a falling object.

Example: The cat jumped off the wall towards John and that was a ‘cat’ch! 

Of course, the cat can land on four feet but isn’t jumping into the hands of the owner cute?

  1. Catmosphere (Atmosphere): an envelope of gases that surrounds our planet or other planets.

Example: Babe, I had a weird dream last night. Our cat was floating in the air with several other cats. It really felt like a catmosphere.

Better think less about my cute cat while I go to sleep or else I will be trapped in these nightmares again.

  1. Claws (Close): to shut something that is open or an incident that was missed by the slightest of margins. 

Example: The cat almost hit the fishbowl off the slab. “Phew, that was claws.”

And my cat is like, “Damn, it should have fallen. To claws!”

  1. Clawsome (Awesome): feeling great or something impressive.

Example: Our cat is so playful. Makes me so happy to see him do those cute kinds of stuff. He is so clawsome. 

He is awesome with his claws too. clawsome by every sense.

  1. Clawsup (Close – up): very near.

Example: The clawsup shot of the cat was very appealing. 

But I did not notice those claws tearing the couch. Maybe a photoshoot on the couch was a bad idea after all.

  1. Cattitude (Attitude): a point of view or the way one thinks or feels about something. Well again, cats are known for their attitude. 

Example: Look at the way it walks. That is a cat with some cattitude. 

Cat with an attitude = cattitude. Deal with it.

  1. Claw enforcement (Law Enforcement): the act of establishing and implementing the law. 

Example: The claw was implemented instead of the law to solve the dispute between the cats.

What is a better weapon than one’s claw when it is a fight!

  1. Clawful (Awful): a very bad or unpleasant event or incident.

Example: Those dirty paws are clawful. You better get a wash.

Who likes those dirty paws and claws inside the house? No one. I mean it is clawful.

  1. Clawver (Clever): the trait of being intelligent.

Example: Look how your cat plays with that yarn. It is indeed clawver.

Human beings are not the only species that are clever. Even cats are clawver.  

  1. Efury (Every): to denote all the things, kinds of stuff, events, incidents, etc.

Example: The cat said: I talk a lot. But all you humans hear is meow.

Can’t blame them as well. All they hear us talking will be gibberish.

  1. Feline (Feeling): the act of experiencing certain emotions.

Example: How are you feline tonight, meow?

I guess you are feline alright. Give me a high five!

  1. Fur (For): used as a preposition or conjunction to denote various actions.

Example: Hey neighbor, do u need our cat fur a day?

Just kidding. Only because he is annoying doesn’t mean we don’t love him.

  1. Fur real (For real): a phrase used for swearing on something that is real or to make someone believe that it is real. 

Example: That cat is really scared. I mean look at it fur real. 

You all know that a cat’s fur rises when it is afraid.

  1. Furend (Friend): a companion or an acquaintance.

Example: Hey, our cat has brought in some guests. I guess it is his furend!

The furend indeed has a lot of furs.

  1.  Furever (Forever): the way of being there always.

Example: The furend that he just bought looks like his furever. And their fur is going to be all over the floor.

I guess we will have to clean their fur furever.

  1. Furget (Forget): trying not to remember something; especially something from the past that hurts.

Example: I think our cat misses the friend he bought in earlier. Some things are hard to furget, right?

Maybe the fur on the floor is reminding him of her.

  1. Furmidable (Formidable): something that is not meant to be done or not allowed to use. Banned would be a synonym. 

Example: I think we should tell the cat is shedding fur on the couch is formidable. Or should we say it is furmidable?

Both fur and claws are furmidable in this house.  

  1. Furmiliar (Familiar): something that is similar or looks or feels like.

Example: That fur in the plate looks furmiliar. I think the cat needs a quick comb.

Oh damn, that furmiliar golden fur is all over the house. 

  1. Furrari (Ferrari): a luxurious brand of car. Popular for its exotic looks, speed, and luxury.

Example: Babe, you better take a look at our car. Our cat has made it a “Furrari.” 

Better take him to a vet. The fur fall is causing a lot of trouble.

  1. Furry (Very): swearing that something is extremely relevant.

Example: Thank you furry much. What have you done with my precious couch?

Whatever you have done with the couch with your claws, I will stuff it back with your fur.

  1. Fur there (Further): going at or going to or going by a longer distance. A comparative term to denote the distance between two people or a thing.

Example: The further our cats walk inside the house, the more the “fur there” would be.

Not just there. But here as well. Fur here and there.

  1. Furtunate (Fortunate): the act of being lucky.

Example: The fur is anyway on the couch. At least we are furtunate enough that the bed is fine. We should stop him at the bay before he attacks the room.

  1. Furward (Forward): the direction in which one is looking at, facing, or traveling. Or simply, front.

Example: A cute little mass of fur is moving forward or should I say furward.

  1. Impawsible (Impossible): something that is hard to achieve or make possible. 

Example: How did you manage to put your little paw up there in that crack. I mean it is impawsible. It is way impawsible that be impossible. 

  1. Infurior (Interior): a feeling of not enough or lower in rank, status, or quality than another person.

Example: Do you think our cat requires therapy? I think he is feeling infurior about the fur fall. Let us get his fur fixed.

  1. Kitcat (Kit-kat): a chocolate wafer under the nestle brand.

Example: Can our cat read? Because it has been playing with that Kitkat wrapper for quite a while now. I think he likes the recognition. Wait, but can he read?

  1. Litterate (Literate): the ability to read and write or have the knowledge.

Example: I wish our cat was litterate enough to use the litter box properly. But alas! He is illiterate about using the litter. Maybe we should teach him one last time.

  1. Meow (Now): at this moment.

Example: I want you meow. Meowrover, always. 

  1. Meowment (Moment): a very brief period. 

Example: Look at the way the cat plans its steps towards the rat. I really believe that this is the meowment. 

By the way, get our utensils guarded.

  1. Meowntain (Mountain): an elevated portion of the earth’s crust.

Example: Taking our cat for trekking was a great idea. The look is making it look like a meowtain. He might feel ameowzing once he reaches the top.  

  1. Meownument (Monument): a historical building, a statue, or something that was built in the past and is now preserved to commemorate.

Example: Our cat was watching the photos of our trip to Egypt and he was awestruck seeing the cat statues. He really liked those meownuments. He might have wanted one of his own.

  1. Meowrry (Marry): a relationship where two couples join hands to live in harmony.

Example: I know you like cats very much. So let me ask this way, will you meowrry me? 

Why? Because I like cats too!

  1. Meowsician (Musician): a person who plays musical instruments, professionally or by passion.

Example: Our cat meows very well. I think he can be a great meowsician. 

But what will genre of music do you think will suit him? meowlody?

  1. Metafur (Metaphor): a poetic device or figure of speech that is used to denote the likeness of an action or an object in place of another.

Example: Our cat is a broom. It was a metaphor!

  1. Mew (You): the other person.

Example: All I want is mew! Can I hear a meow, if it is a yes?

  1. Meowning (Morning): the dusk or the time of the day sun rises.

Example: Hey look, our cat is in the room. I think he came here to greet us with a good meowning.

  1. Meowsery (Misery): a situation or condition of absolute suffering; simply a bad time.

Example: The look that the cat has on his face is unpleasant. I think he is in a great meowsery. I am going to give him a pat on his back and say it is alright.

  1. Meowsic (Music): a sound or tune produced rhythmically, vocally or instrumentally, to express emotions. 

Example: Check out how our cat meows. It has got a great taste in meowsic. He is indeed talented.

  1. Pawdon me (Pardon me): an act of pleading for committing a mistake or ill-doing.

Example: I am really angry at our cat for breaking my favorite clay pot. But the way it stretches its paw towards me feels like it says pawdon me! 

Alright, I will pardon you. But will you buy me a new one?

  1.  Pawerful (Powerful): strong and able to do anything.

Example: Maybe I should stay away from annoying our cat. That strike of the paw was so pawerful. 

I hope you can see that paw on my face!

  1. Pawfully (Awfully): a very bad or unpleasant event or incident. 

Example: Oh. I think our cat is pawfully hurt.

Told him not to go on fights with the neighbor’s cat.

  1. Pawjamas (Pajamas): a loose fit outfit, normally worn to sleep in or to wear informally at night.

Example: Those dirty paws have made my pajamas into pawjamas! 

Do you think that is a mat to clean off the dirt from your paws?

  1. Pawlease (Please): apologizing or a polite way of asking for something.

Example: I hear the cat saying: Pawlease feed me. We have cat food in stock, right?

  1. Paws (Pause): a sudden pause, generally for a short period of time.

Example: Isn’t it funny to see how the cat turns into a statue. Now that is a paws! 

Not even the paws are moving.

  1. Pawsibility (Possibility): a probable incident that might happen.

Example: Our walls look dirty, and I can only see a single pawsibility. There is dirt on those paws and the paw marks lead to the wall. The paws are the only possibility.

  1. Pawsitive (Positive): an optimistic and confident approach.

Example: I heard that even animals can get infected by the Corona Virus. It is going to be COVID pawsitive if our cat gets affected. We should be alert. Should we buy him a mask?

  1. Pawsome (Awesome): feeling great or something impressive.

Example: Our cat is so playful. Makes me so happy to see him do those cute kinds of stuff. He is so pawsome. I am glad we got him.

  1. Pawtrait (Portrait): a painting or a drawing or even a photograph of a person which only portrays the face or just till the shoulders.

Example: Let us call in an artist to do a painting of our cat. Would be better if it is a pawtrait. 

But I doubt if our naughty cat would stay in place till the painting gets over.

  1.  Pawpular (Popular): someone or something that is known publically. A celebrity may be or simply just famous.

Example: Our cat is so famous on social media. The photos and videos that show his cuteness and cleverness has made him a pawpular star.

  1. Procatstination (Procrastination): to delay or put aside something, work, or duty for another time or the future. Basically because of laziness or some other obstacles. 

Example: Our cat has been too lazy when it comes to playing these days. I think he has become a procatstinator. Or has he grown sick?

  1. Purceive (Perceive): to accept something or become aware of something.

Example:  I think our cat finally purceives the truth that it is his fur that is making the home messy. But it is okay pal, we will get it fixed.

  1. Purrfect (Perfect): completely fine or possessing all kinds of desired qualities.

Example: I hope our cat’s new toys would be purrfect for him to play with.

  1. Purhaps (Perhaps): synonym of maybe. Used to denote uncertainty or a possibility.

Example: Why is the cat acting weird? Purhaps he might be hungry. Or has he seen a mouse?

  1. Purrpatrator (Perpetrator): a person who carries out an illegal or immoral act.

Example: Excreting on the floor when you have a litter box was really bad of you. You are a purrpatrator. No fish and milk for you today!

  1. Purrple (Purple): a color.

Example: I think our cat’s favorite color is purrple. He is so obsessed with that purple wall. Let us get him a purrple ball before he attacks those walls out of love.

  1. Purrse (Purse): a wallet to store money, or any necessary items that can be carried in the hand.

Example: Come look at your purse babe, the claws have made it a purrse.

  1. Purrsonality (Personality): the qualities or traits that form a person’s character.

Example: Our cat has got an interesting purrsonality. Look at his attitude.

  1. Purrspective (Perspective): an attitude on how you look or perceive something; a point of view.

Example:  The purrspective of cats on owners should change. I mean I deserve some respect. You are my cat and I am your human.

  1. Purrsuade (Persuade): to make someone do something or make them believe by putting in reasons or by tempting as well.

Example: Our cat is special. It has the power to Purrsuade us to feed him more often.

  1. Purrthday (Birthday): the day one is born.

Example: It has been three years since we bought him. Happy purrthday meow! You are going to get extra milk and fish today. But just for today.

  1. Purrtry (Pretty): gorgeous or beautiful. Physically appealing. 

Example: Look how purrtty the cat looks with his new bell on the neck. He looks stunning and cute.

  1. Tail (Tale): a story; fictional or a narration, generally driven by fantasy or imagination.

Example: The cat listened to the tale of the tail of a cat that got stuck in a rail. I think he got shocked seeing the visuals of the tale.

  1. Take meowt (Take me out): asking to take someone out for an outing, shopping, or food.

Example: We were about to leave the house to buy some kinds of stuff. Our cat was already near the car and the look on its face said: “Take meowt!”

  1. Unfurtunate (Unfortunate): unlucky or bad fortune. Antonym of fortunate.

Example: Both the cat and ourselves are unfurtunate to see the fur falling off like that. 

To conclude, the love for cats and for the puns will not die. Both cats and puns surprise you with the fun and craziness that it carries within. We should have the mind to appreciate both cats and puns.

Best Cat Puns

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