Best Buy Open Box Return Policy

Best Buy Open Box Return Policy

In this article, we will see about Best Buy Open Box Return Policy.

Good customer service is associated with communication and processing requests. You will rely on the company when they put effort into solving your issues, right? The agenda on a satisfactory experience with any retail company online or offline is when, how they can resolve your issues? How do they treat their customers with integrity or not?   

With that being said, here we are going to look into Best Buy Open Box products and their return policy. Best Buy Co. Inc is an American consumer electronics company. In general, Best Buy does follow a return policy that allows customers to return most of the items. But the open box is quite different. The concept of Best Buy Open box varies from other products sales that’s why also has a separate return policy.  

So, what is it? Are the items in Best Buy Open Box returnable? First, let’s talk in brief about what is Best Buy? 

Best Buy Company

The American multinational retail company ‘Best Buy’ offers electronics, computers, appliances, video games, and more. The company was founded in 1966 under the name sound of music by the founders Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler headquartered at Richfield, Minnesota. In 1983, the company was rebranded as ‘Best Buy’ with focusing on the sales with electronics due to public demand. The company has been operating internationally in Canada and is lucky that is still doing business there. The countries that Best Buy touched failed in a few years like China till 2011, Europe till 2012, and Mexico till 2020.  

The company share subsidiaries with Geek Squad, Magnolia Audio Video, and Pacific Sales. Best buy has sales of mobile phones in North America operating as Best Buy Mobile & Insignia brands and in China as Five Star. The company also trades cellular phones from Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, and Sprint Corporation in the US.  

What Is The Best Buy Open Box?

Best Buy came up with the idea of selling the returned packages which are in good condition. The name open box suggests that the products have been opened and then returned. The criteria of selling such products do account for usable or returned due to wrong color or model or size or fitting issues. And some products also are the in-store displays which are removed and are good to sell. The open-box mark means they are once opened and returned which makes it questionable for the item to be rejected so, why sell it again? However, the item may be unwanted for various reasons but surely isn’t defective or damaged.  

This open box policy helps both the company and customers. The company sells overstocked or understocked products and the customers can get great deals. No doubt, you have to search in the never-ending list of products but then you may get a steal deal.  

Return Policy For Best Buy Open Box

Best Buy has applied its general return policies in addition to a few adjustments to set for open box products as well. Thus, the returns of open-box items are under the same return and exchange promise which covers the return period of 14 to 45 days from purchase. Though it is to note, the items sold in open-box are unique on their own and come with very little stock for which there is more chance of return than exchange.  

The processing of returns may vary depending upon the product of purchase. It starts with providing valid proof of purchase and photo identification to take down an exchange request. The procedure is to return through mail or best to find a best buy physical store. With the request make sure to have the original receipt, packing slips, or credit card statement for the purchase. Today, Best Buy applies return for almost all products in the open-box category which includes new, clearance, pre-owned, and refurbished products.  

The return period as mentioned is under 14 to 45 days, well the general period from a standard membership is within 15 days, and Elite and Elite plus users get the advantage for the period of 30 to 45 days from purchase respectively. And the policy covers original receipts and packaging including accessories when placing a return, if not found the company may deduct some price from the refund amount.  

One important thing is, Best Buy has the complete authority to deny your return request if not meet the said criteria including if one has no purchase proof, no valid photo identification, or the product appears damaged, defective, or dented.  


Can’t say that purchase from Best Buy will be your ‘Best Buy’ but one thing for sure is if you face any difficulty or issue after the purchase the company offers the right return and exchange policy. Buying from an open-box section can be tiring because as the cost is cheap it gets difficult to get top-notch quality on electronics. But if you put your head in the game, you can find something worth it. 


  1. Is the open box from Best Buy worth it? 

Well, the items in the open box Best Buy are tested and inspected thoroughly before being set for sale. However, they can be old stock present in between which may stop working in recent months or years. It is hard to say which items will be of excellent quality. Therefore, going for an Open box is like a gamble sometimes.  

  1. Can I negotiate the price in open box Best Buy? 

Yes, to some extent the prices are negotiable with the price match guarantee policy.  

Best Buy Open Box Return Policy

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