Does amazon take coupons?

Amazon is an online shopping platform that offers various cost-saving deals on various products. But as consumers, we always want to earn more through coupons and promo codes. So does amazon also take coupons to offer discounts? 

Amazon does not take coupons from manufacturers and competitors. The company already provides various cost-saving deals to consumers. Hence, taking a coupon will not cause any benefit to the company. Amazon doesn’t take coupons but it has a section of coupon codes in its app. Through these consumers can earn discounts up to 5% to 50% on various products. And sellers could also increase the reach. 

Does amazon take coupons?

Which coupons does amazon take? 

Amazon does not take manufacturers’ or competitors’ coupons. It has a separate coupon page from where consumers can choose an appropriate offer and use it. Amazon is an online shopping company that sells products at a discount through various deals. Therefore, unlike departmental stores like Walmart and Target, it couldn’t take manufacturer or competitor coupons. But this doesn’t mean sellers do not have the option of attracting customers via various discounts. The coupon page of amazon offers various coupons for customers. 

What are amazon coupons? 

Amazon coupons are like any other discount coupon you receive as an offer or on buying some product. Through these coupons, customers can get some dollar off or some percentage discount on the price of a product.  

There is a coupon page on Amazon from where you can browse various coupons. You can choose and save the most appropriate coupon from the list of coupons for your purchases. The coupons are arranged on the page according to popularity. You can select the coupon of your choice and add it to your cart. You can also search the coupon according to your requirements from the coupon page. 

Additionally, at amazon coupons are also available with the products that offer coupons. Consumers can redeem the coupon by clicking on the offer and getting a discount on their purchase. 

There is one more type of coupon you can get from amazon’s coupon section. It is an Amazon subscribe and save coupon. By using this coupon you can earn up to a 10% discount and free shipping of any product from the website. The benefit of this coupon is that you can update or cancel your delivery anytime before shipping. 

Types of coupons amazon offers 

They have coupon for almost all kinds of branded products. Customers can use these coupons to buy products of their requirements.

The major categories of coupons available for consumers are – 

  • Beauty coupons could be used for buying cosmetics and trending beauty products. Consumers can buy makeup and beauty care products by using these categories of coupons.
  • Amazon also has Grocery coupons. Grocery coupons are something everybody wants in their bucket. Through amazon grocery coupons, customers can buy food, snacks, dry fruits, cooking ingredients, beverages, etc. 
  • There are Health and personal care coupons also for the consumers. Consumers can buy medicines and baby care products by using these coupons. 
  • There is a category of clothing coupons available on amazon. Clothing is one of the major product categories of amazon. By using the coupons one can order the latest fashion clothes at the best-discounted prices. 
  • Other than all the above categories, there are other coupon categories as well. There are toy coupons, jewelry coupons, electronic coupons, and many more. 

Amazon also offers promo codes 

In addition to the coupons, sellers also offer promo codes on amazon. The promo codes could be used for buying eligible products at a discounted price. Via the promo code, you can earn a discount by entering the unique code available with you to avail of the discount. There are various kinds of promo code seller offers like the percentage off promo code, buy one/get one promo code, one-time use promo code, etc. 


Amazon is a major online shopping site. It has coupons for the buyers in the coupon page section of the app, but it does not take manufacturers’ or competitors’ coupons. Taking such coupons is not so beneficial for the company as it involves the risk of fraud. These coupons can reward you with discounts worth something dollars or some percentage of the price. Additionally, it gives more customers to the sellers. 


  1. How much can you save from Amazon coupons? 

Answer: The savings from the coupon depends upon your use. They are available either with price discount or percentage discount. On checking out to pay the bill, you will get the exact discount amount. Normally there are discount coupons of $5, $6, $7 or 10%, 20%, 30% off. 

  1. Are amazon coupons free of cost for sellers? 

Answer: They are not free of cost. Sellers have to pay for it. Amazon takes $.60 from the seller for every redeemed coupon.

Does amazon take coupons?

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