Subway cookie flavors 

Food chains have become a popular and highly capable industry in the world today. The profit margin as well as popularity increases each day. Many are coming up with their unique outlet in every city to feed the hungry and always moving public. Amid these, many outlets are looking to serve a variety over specialty. Subway is one of these.

Subway cookie flavors 

Subway cookie flavors- overview 

The subway known for its wraps and subs has a lot more in store. With an exciting range of fries, salads, and drinks, they have also added cookies to the menu! What better than a sweet bite after relishing the spicy, cheesy, and tangy masterpieces they offer! Glance through the delicious cookie flavors subway offers in this article!

About subway 

Known to many, Subway started small and now has thousands of outlets all over the world! From specializing in subs and sandwiches, their menu has changed greatly over the years. Combining taste with nutrition is their focus and they strive to prioritize health always. With many strategies, plans, and flavors, the company has a long way to go! 

Subway cookie flavors 

Coming to the well-awaited topic- the subway cookie flavors. Although limited in flavors and has just begun, these have already gained demand among customers!

Chocolate chip cookie

The basic, common, and all-favorite- the chocolate chip cookie! How could Subway not have one of these? Indulge in this rich and buttery cookie that only leaves you wanting more! We’re also told that this dough and chocolate combine beautifully for a splendid taste!

Double chocolate chip cookie 

If there’s anything richer than the chocolate chip cookie, it’s this one. The double chocolate chip cookie will leave you drowned in its chocolaty taste. Loaded with chocolate chips and folded in with rich cocoa, they bake to perfection just for you!

Chocolate rainbow cookie

To make the chocolate affair colorful, Subway offers its chocolate rainbow cookie! This one has the nostalgic colorful gems folded in a smooth batter to give you a crunchy bite with an amazing cookie texture!

 Raspberry cheesecake cookie 

If you’re not a chocolate fan, Subway still has you covered. Let’s talk cheesecake! The raspberry cheesecake flavor is one of the unique flavors on the menu. Savored by many, this one will make you smack your lips. The fruity taste and aroma add to an exotic experience!

White chip macadamia nut cookie 

You need a little white chocolate now and then. The white chip macadamia nut cookies are a beautiful blend of macadamia nuts and melting white chocolate chips. Try these for a divine munch after your wraps and rolls!

Peanut butter cookie

If allergies don’t bite you, try the peanut butter cookies at Subway! With a soft center and a peanut taste to fill your mouth, this cookie is the ideal option when you’re in for the minimalistic sweet option. 

Sugar cookie

The plain and good old sugar cookie. Another must-have on the menu. This can be for times when you don’t want a cookie but still want a cookie. A minimal flavor with the cookieness just the same as the others! Subway’s sugar cookies are ideal for a simple but sweet finish!

Oatmeal raisin cookie 

Where are all the nutrition and health checkers at? This one’s for you! Subway understands your nutrition concerns and has added the oatmeal raisin cookie to its menu. Don’t leave out dessert for any reason. Cling to the oatmeal raisin cookie!

Dark chocolate cookie

Dark chocolate lovers, there’s something for you too! Subway’s dark chocolate cookie is another load of richness in itself. For those who adore the slight bitterness combined with a crunchy cookie, this is your go-to option. Go all out on the dark chocolate cookie!


There are a few more flavors across the subway outlets. However, it is not certain that every flavor will be available at every store. Certain outlets don’t make a few flavors. Some stick to the basic 5: the chocolate chip, the double chocolate chip, the chocolate rainbow, the raspberry cheesecake, and the white chip macadamia nut cookies. Depending on which store you’re at, flavors may differ a bit. 

  • Are subway cookies available at all subway stores?

In most stores. There is no guarantee on the availability of cookies across all subway stores. The location, policy as well as the size of outlet may affect whether cookies are available or not. For instance, small outlets may stick to wraps and sandwiches and leave out extra things on the menu. 

  • Does Subway give cookie boxes?

Yes. subway offers a single cookie box as well as a box of 12 cookies prices between 6$ to 8$. Some stores also offer what they call a cookie platter. This again may differ at each outlet and location.

  • What are the price ranges of the Subway cookies?

A single cookie at Subway ranges from 0.50$ to 2$. These could be varied here and there. They may also exceed in cases of unique and special cookies. However, the range mentioned is the common one.

Subway cookie flavors 

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