Are tester perfumes real?

Perfume is a liquid preparation for external use, intended to be applied to human skin and hair. It may contain fragrant essential oils, aroma chemicals, fixatives, solvents, and perfumery base. Perfumes are used for the body to smell pleasant or to make a person feel attractive. They are used in entertainment venues like theaters, television shows, musicals, and dances as well as in many other workplaces such as doctors’ offices. Perfumes have been used since ancient times as a form of adornment or as an ingredient in religious ceremonies. 

Are tester perfumes real

What is a perfume tester?

A perfume tester is a small vial of perfume that is given to determine whether you like the scent. Perfume testers are often given out at department stores, and even smaller boutiques will often have a few for customers to try out. You might wonder what the purpose of smelling a sample is when you can just go out and purchase the real thing. Well, you get to first check if you like the scent with a tester before buying a bigger bottle. It also helps you know if this is your type of perfume before actually purchasing it. A fragrance can sometimes smell different once applied. While free perfume testers may seem like a great deal, most people believe that buying an actual bottle is better than using a perfume tester. 

Are they real?

Have you ever noticed perfume testers in the cosmetics department of your favorite store? Have you ever wondered if these are real or not? Why would stores give away free perfume if they make a profit off of every bottle sold, right? If you have been wondering about that, here is the answer. Perfume testers are indeed real perfume bottles, but not the full-sized versions. The full-sized versions are kept locked away in a safe or vault to be sold at a later time. When a company creates a new scent and launches it to the public, they launch it with smaller-sized bottles first.

Where to find perfume testers?

You can find these perfume testers for a fraction of the retail price. However, you must know where to look. A perfume tester is simply an empty bottle of perfume that has been used by customers to smell and test a particular scent. These bottles are never opened, and already have all of the supplies needed to fill the bottle with perfume. You can buy testers in department stores and fragrance sections of high-end makeup shops. The best place to look for perfume testers is at a store that specializes in perfume and consumer goods like Target and Wal-Mart, where the testers are usually displayed in clear acrylic containers and organized by scent category.

Are perfume testers cheap?

Perfume testers are an excellent way to promote your business and attract customers into a store. The cost of purchasing perfume testers will vary by size and brand, as well as the number of other promotions running in that store at the time. You can estimate it to be about $2-$3 per tester, with a range from $1 to $5. You can purchase perfume testers from most local businesses that sell perfumes and fragrances, even your local drugstore.  

What is the size of perfume testers?

The tester is a smaller version of the original perfume bottle. It is used for testing out a perfume before buying the full-size one. The tester has the same spray nozzle as that of the normal perfume, but it may have ‘tester’ clearly marked on the bottle. The size of the perfume tester is different from brand to brand. Generally, it`s about 1ml, but some brands make it larger. But the price will be more expensive if we for the bigger size.

Do all perfume brands make testers?

Yes, almost all the major perfume brands make testers so one can easily get a tester. The biggest scents are the most expensive ones to buy, but the tester is a cheaper way. These small vials of perfume are given away at department stores. While some brands choose not to sell testers, this does not mean that you cannot sample the scent before buying it. There are ways to get samples of perfume from major brands.

The Conclusion

Tester perfumes are a great option for those who love to try a variety of scents. Some people buy tester perfumes and assume they’re real, not knowing that testers are simply a way to sample the scent of expensive perfume. When you consider the costs involved in buying a real bottle of fragrance, it makes sense why some people would go with testers instead. Whether you want to purchase a new designer fragrance or not, we hope that this article has provided you with some useful information about the differences between tester fragrances and regular ones. 

Are tester perfumes real?

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