Does Russia Have Mcdonalds?

McDonald’s is one of the top brands in the world, with over 30,000 locations across the globe. It has been a staple for people to grab a quick meal for many years. As time goes on, customers have begun to associate certain emotions and feelings with McDonald’s. Some of which include comfort, family time, and happy memories. Because of this, people tend to view Mcdonald’s as a happy place that brings them great memories. 

Does Russia Have Mcdonalds

Are there McDonald’s in Russia?

Yes, In Russia, there are more than 500 McDonald’s restaurants. McDonald’s history is pretty young in Russia. Today, Russia is the 9th country with the most number of McDonald’s restaurants. It’s one of the most popular fast-food chains here. 

First McDonalds in Russia

McDonald’s was the first international fast-food chain to begin operating in the Russian market. The first McDonald’s restaurant in Russia opened its doors in Moscow on January 31, 1990. The opening ceremony was attended by many distinguished guests among whom were: Anatoly Sobchak (mayor of Moscow), Aleksandr Ryzhkov (chairman of the Council of Ministers), Boris Yeltsin (first deputy chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers), Viktor Chernomyrdin (Russian Minister for Fuel and Power), and others. The first McDonald’s restaurant in Russia was located in Moscow.

Why did Russia get McDonald’s so late?

First of all, the Soviet Union was a closed country and there were no foreign companies in the USSR. Even when McDonald’s started to open stores in other countries, the only way to reach Russia was through Moscow. The problem was that you needed permission from the government to open a business there. That made it pretty difficult for McDonald’s to get access to one of its biggest markets. Also, McDonald’s was the symbol of America and American culture. it was a symbol of the United States’ economic superiority. And finally, it was a symbol of the world leadership of the United States. Russia was the enemy of America till the end of the cold war. That meant the country was pretty hostile to anything that had America written over it.

Russian McDonald’s menu

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food chains in Russia. However, the McDonalds menu in Russia differs from the one in the United States. The Russian Mcdonald’s menu includes some interesting and delicious options that you can add to your meal of choice. Its menu has been modified to suit Russian tastes, including new items such as Chicken Tzar and salads with mayonnaise, panini Tuscany, etc. 

Is McDonald’s cheap in Russia?

McDonald’s menu prices in Russia are something of a mystery. The menu items are priced in rubles, but they fluctuate wildly, sometimes by 40% or more from one month to the next. McDonald’s is officially cheaper in Russia than in many other countries in the world. The average price for a Big Mac in Russia is $1.36, according to the Economist’s Big Mac index. The second cheapest stand-alone country is Ukraine at $1.55. But what makes it even more interesting is that the minimum wage in Russia is just over $150 per month. So, if you want to buy a Big Mac daily and make your money last, you can do that in Russia. 

Some differences

McDonald’s is the biggest fast-food chain in the world, but that doesn’t mean all of its restaurants are created equal. There are many reasons why McDonald’s in Russia is a different experience than McDonald’s here in the United States. For starters, some Russian McDonald’s locations have no cashiers at all. Instead, you scan your order with the self-serve kiosks and pay on your way out. The menu also features items that Americans don’t know much about, such as salads and wraps. Items are cheaper in Russia. The average McDonald’s in Russia doesn’t open until 10:30 AM (or later). 


McDonald’s has had exciting growth in Russia. The fast-food chain has created a new generation of regular customers and developed a loyal customer base. Analysts estimate that the number of McDonald’s customers in Russia will grow by 1.5 – 2 million people per year, and the next 10 years will see a generation of people who probably can’t live without McDonald’s.

The Conclusion

McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and makes billions of dollars in revenue every year. McDonald’s began as a small burger stand in San Bernardino, California, and changed the fast food industry forever. Today they are among the top players in the fast-food industry In Russia, McDonald’s first opened its doors in 1990 when it was still part of the Soviet Union. The first location opened in Moscow. Fast forward 27 years later and there are almost 500 locations across Russia. The brand is getting all the love from almost everyone in Russia and is growing at a phenomenal rate, adding new restaurants and customers every year.

Does Russia Have Mcdonalds?

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