IKEA Sofa Return Policy

IKEA is a multinational company that was founded in Sweden in 1973. It is mainly associated with designing and selling readymade furniture, appliances kitchen, and other goods and accessories used at home. Over the years Ikea has established itself into a brand name of its own what with its affordable prices. In addition to its amazing products, IKEA also has a very customer-friendly return policy. Here we discuss the return policy of a sofa manufactured by IKEA.

IKEA Sofa Return Policy

Imagine you have bought a new sofa and found it to be defective or not up to the mark, then you can easily return it following IKEA’s return policy. If you place a return for a Sofa or any large furniture for that matter then you need to be sure of the following things:

  • If you have not unwrapped your sofa or sofa set then you can return it within a year of its purchase.
  • In case you have opened a sofa, don’t worry you can still apply for a return but you must do this within 180 days of purchase.
  • After you have opened the sofa, you have to ensure that the sofa is unused and, in a condition, when it can be re-sold.
  • Ensure that you also have the original receipt intact and a valid photo-id card recognized by the government so that you can proceed with your refund request.

After having placed the return, IKEA sends its staff over to your place to inspect the furniture to see if it is in a returnable condition and then they confirm your return application and process the refund amount through your original mode of payment.

Having talked about returns let’s have look at IKEA’s return policy in general. 

IKEA Refund Policy:

  • You must have your receipt with you along with a government-recognized photo-id card.
  • IKEA has 365 days return policy wherein if you are not fully sure about your IKEA purchase and it is unopened then you may return it within 365 days and you are also eligible for a full refund.
  • Opened products can be returned within 180 days from the purchase only and in case of the product being opened or assembled you are only eligible for a maximum of 80% of your total amount. 
  • In case you don’t have a receipt with you, IKEA’s customer-friendly return policy makes it easy for you to go through the process by asking the IKEA staff to search for your purchase in their records by searching for the card you used for payment or searching for the order number.
  • In case of unavailability of any of these things, you get a store credit equivalent to the lowest selling price for/within 365 days.
  • If you have placed an online refund request then it may take 3-10 days for it to be processed.
  • If you choose to return your item to a store then your refund will be processed immediately.

These items are an exception from the 365-days return policy:

  • Products that have been brought at a discounted rate or on a sale.
  • Mattresses—are available for a return only for 90 days that too if they are unopened.
  • Gift Cards
  • Plants
  • Fabric that has been cut or not in the condition in which it was sold.

Products that cannot be returned:

Products purchased from the half clearance department cannot simply be returned in case the customer has a change of mind. Other such products include:

  • Plants
  • Batteries
  • Table-toppers that are custom-made
  • Purchase made from the textile category

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What if the product that is to be returned is new and unused but unpacked, will you get a refund?

In case you have a product that you have unpacked but is still unused then you are eligible to receive a voucher from the total amount paid instead of your actual money.

  1. Does IKEA accept returns on Pillows and Duvets?

Yes, IKEA accepts returns on pillows and Duvets, and given the condition that they have been unused and packed. You may return these under the normal 365-days return policy.

  1. Can LED bulbs be exchanged at IKEA?

Yes, if the LED bulbs are eligible for return and exchange if they are intact in their original packaging, in case they have been opened and are defective the concerned customer will get a voucher or a payment card, amounting to the full price of the LED bulb.

  1. Is it possible to return/exchange only a part or the faulty part of the product?

Yes, you may exchange the specific part which is faulty or low-grade, it is not mandatory to return the whole product in case of a single part turns out to be faulty.

After having gone through most of the points of the refund policy it can be inferred that IKEA indeed is very flexible and cooperates with the customer when it comes to returning. If you happen to be stuck during the return or exchange process, the staff at IKEA will be more than happy to take you through it.

IKEA Sofa Return Policy

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