Does Costco Offer Military and Veteran Discounts?

When it comes to any store or retail company America has it all. In the same way, Costco is one of the famous American big-box store companies. Interestingly, the uniqueness about Costco is that this company operates a chain of membership-only big-box retail stores all over the country. Additionally, we have heard many companies who are in the retail industry have a separate offer for military and veterans. But, does Costco offer any discounts to the Militants and the Veterans?  The sad answer is that the big-box company does not offer any type of Militant or Veteran discount. This is the same for all the platforms if they are purchasing online, offline, or through the memberships. See Does Costco Offer Military and Veteran Discounts?

Does Costco Offer Military and Veteran Discounts?

Military Discount for Costco Shoppers 

The company might not be offering any kind of additional discounts to the militants and veterans but, they have other perks. The name of the other additional discount is Costco Shop Card. This is a membership card for all members shopping at Costco. 

Now, members with this card can avail various types of offers including the militants and veterans. It is a $30 card and this offer is given to the new members who are taking a membership at Costco. Once, the new members join paying 30 dollars then they can avail themselves of a long list of offers and discounts using that card. 

Costco serves discounts to normal people but, with the name Costco Military Discount. Interestingly, it is this discount card that is for $30 and can be taken by anyone in the city. There are no eligibility criteria for owning one of these cards. 

Special Discounts for Veterans 

Unfortunately, Costco does not provide any additional discount to the Veterans as well. Additionally, during Veterans Day, the company does not take any promotion outside. The Veterans and their family will use the same membership cards just like other standard citizens in the city. 

Still, for veterans, other special perks are offered by the company. Unfortunately, these additional perks are for a very limited period and they expire very quickly. 

Other Discounts Offered 

Despite having no dedicated offers to the militants or the veterans of the country, the company offers some exciting discounts to their families. The interesting discount offered by Costco is the SheerID service. 

This service is specially developed to verify the military status of the individual. Now, these are the militants who can avail of the $30 membership card. By availing of this membership card, they can get an additional discount on any purchase and during the offer duration. 

Does Costco Offer Free Discounted Memberships?

Unfortunately, the big-box company does not offer free discounted memberships to anyone in the country. The same goes for the militants and the veterans in the country. 

Customers of Costco get some daily offers that can be availed at any point in time for extra savings. So, getting a free or a discounted membership does not affect the customers who shop daily. 

Moreover, the company has made themselves clear that they provide the best products at the lowest prices available in the market. So, the additional discount that the company provides helps the customers get more discounts and save a lot when they shop at Costco. 

Additionally, customers who are into online shopping experience some unique discounts. Interestingly, Costco is looking for various ways to make $60 for the membership yearly worth more to the online shoppers. 

The online shoppers shopping from Costco can buy stuff from 35 different brands and websites and may save 20% or more than that. Interestingly, while making the required payment the company offers additional discounts on credit cards, debit cards, and other types of online payment options. 

Other Stores with Military Discounts 

Interestingly, there are various other stores such as Costco that offer amazing military discounts. Moreover, they are the competitors of Costco in the market. There are various similar retail stores in the country that offer both military and veteran discounts. 

Some of the stores that offer military and veteran discounts are as follows:-

  • The Target Corporation
  • BJ’s 
  • Fred Myer 
  • New Seasons Market 
  • DeCicco Family Markets 

These are some of the competitors of Costco that offer military and veteran discounts. Unfortunately, one of the biggest competitors Walmart Inc. does not offer any type of military and veteran discount. 

Interestingly, when it comes to The Target Corporation, they offer 10% off to two separate purchases when the individual verifies their military status. Additionally, to get this additional discount the militant will need to visit their official website and avail it from there itself. 

Moreover, all the other competitors of Costco offer the same 10% discount to militants and veterans. These offers are even advertised on various platforms or in media. But, BJ’s offer an additional 25% discount to the militants. 


Costco as a company has always thought from the customer point of view and came up with various offers and discounts. Interestingly, the company’s mission is to provide the customers with the best quality products and with a cheap price tag. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. Does Costco offer any kind of discount on wholesale?

Answer- Yes, Costco the big-box grocery company offers heavy and exciting discounts and offers wholesale. 

  1. Does Costco Travel provide military or veteran discounts?

Answer- Yes, Costco Travel is another sub-division of Costco that provides military and veteran discounts but, the general store does not provide any additional discounts. 

  1. Does Costco offer any kind of Law Enforcement Discount?

Answer- Yes, Costco does provide Law Enforcement discounts to the Firefighters, and other officers related to them. 

Does Costco Offer Military and Veteran Discounts?

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