Applebee’s Coupon

Applebee’s is an American restaurant chain that serves its customer’s different kinds of American cuisine like salads, pasta, burgers, chicken, and riblets (which is the signature dish of this franchise). This restaurant was founded by Bill Palmer and T.J Palmer in the year 1980. This restaurant has come a long way with its headquarters situated in Glendale, California. This restaurant has 1,787 locations and now has franchises in countries other than the United States, including Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. In this article, we will see about Applebee’s Coupon.

Applebees Coupon

Restaurant Deals

The best way to get the deals is by joining the email club of Applebee’s. Once you are joined there, you will get notifications of the benefits that they are providing with the expiry date of that coupon and what dish you can use that coupon for. The lunch menu with the low pricing is also available. It is also recommended for you to check out the popular deals around the globe. They also give the customer a free dessert on their birthday.

Printable Coupons

Now, every so often,there will be notifications or pop-ups about deals and coupons that you can use at the restaurant. You can print some of the coupons, but that does depend upon the geographic location of the customer.

Gift Cards

The restaurants host promotional gift cards where you can buy your future meals at a discounted price, and you can also avail these gift cards, which are available on the official website of Applebee’s.

Veteran Discounts

Applebee provides the military forces officials and other veterans who have served the United States with special discounts, and they also organize a veteran’s day to display their appreciation. Military identification is required for the availment of these deals.

Presence on social media

Applebee’s has a Facebook page where they post new deals daily and keep in touch with their community; it is the best place to get new information aside from their website. They are also on Twitter.

Applebee’s Coupons

  • With the Mobile App, you can get free delivery up to $15.
  • 2 For $20 Deal with 2 entries and 1 appetizer. This is one of the most popular deals, and the reviews have been mixed.
  • Lunch combos start at $7.99. This deal has been receiving a great response as people think they are saving money with this deal, so the review is very positive about this deal.
  • Get a bonus $10 gift card with a $50 Gift card. This offer was recently released and will expire on February 4, 2019.2022. I would say it’s a great deal, but I haven’t received many comments about it yet to review it.

Then we have the unpopular coupons which can be used, but most people prefer the top ones.

  • 20% Off sitewide:This is a coupon that is valid for a limited time and discounts 20% of your bill immediately.
  • $10 Off: This amount has been deducted from your order.
  • 10% Discount: In this case,10% of your bill is discounted

Some more ways to save money at Applebee’s

  • The first is in the afternoon, which is known as “happy hours,” from 3 pm to 6 pm when the restaurant offers special discounts on adult beverages and half-priced appetizers, and similar discounts are offered in the evening after 9 pm…
  • Many Applebee’s, depending on your location, allow children aged 12 and under to eat for free; if you have an adult who has purchased a full-priced entry, your child may be free as well; however, this is only available at some Applebee’s.
  • Use credit cards, which offer more rewards. If you are a frequent restaurant eater, you can purchase a credit card that will give you more discounts on the bills.

Applebee’s Compared With Others

In comparison to others, Applebee does give fewer discount coupons, but their carefully calculated algorithm helps the customer to give a lower price so that a discount is not required. While offer coupons are rare, when they do appear, they are extremely beneficial to customers.

Gift Cards have no expiration date

An observer in an Applebee’s said that this happened to me. I PAID THE BILL WITH TWO STARBUCKS CARDS AND A FRO-YO CARD THAT I BELIEVE WAS EXPIRED. THE MANAGER MADE SOME CALLS AND, AFTER SOME TIME, GAVE US 50% OFF OF WHAT WAS IN THE CARD, WHICH MEANS MY FIRST CARD HAD $7 IN IT, BUT BECAUSE IT WAS EXPIRED, I GOT $3.5 even if you bought a 20% off gift card from a Nebraska coach store, it will work at Applebee’s.


While there isn’t any large flow of available coupons, Applebee’s Bar and Grill gives us some daily deals in which some have been cherished for years, while others are new choices. EITHER WAY, IT’S EASY TO JUST WALK IN, AS THERE ARE FAVOURABLE PRICES, BUT HAVING A COUPON IS ALWAYS A PLUS.

Applebee’s Coupon

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