Does Roto-Rooter pay well?

Roto-Rooter is a company that provides services in the field of plumbing and drainage. Here we will see the answer to your question ‘Does Roto-Rooter pay well?’.

Does Roto-Rooter pay well?

The company is based in the United States of America and was founded in the year 1935. Back in the day the company only provided services like cleaning out the sewers. But at present, the company has expanded its services to other activities such as plumbing repairs, water damage repairs, and commercial and residential services as well. These jobs are pretty demanding in the market as the common household damage repairs can be very upsetting. People often call out for help when it comes to repairs and installation. Roto-Rooter has been providing its services since 1935. 

Roto-Rooter clenched its place among the highest and largest providers of water plumbing, sewer, and drain cleaning services in the United States of America and Canada. The primary objective of the company has shifted from construction work to plumbing repairs for residential and commercial needs only. Other services include 

Clearing out clogged sewers and drains and providing water extraction and water damage clean-up. 

Now let us look at the employment structure and the payment of the company – 

Positions and the salary per year/hourly

The salary of an employee would differ from position to position. For example, the average pay of a plumber and that of an apprentice plumber would not be the same. There are different kinds of desk jobs that are offered by the company and the salary will vary from the kind of job you have. 

The average pay of the employees of Roto-Rooter is $52,859 a year. 

Roto-Rooter’s hourly payment of an employee would be an amount of $18.92(average). The hourly pay of an employee would range from an average amount of $12.78 to $28.84. 

Employees holding the job position that of a plumber make $20.83 on an hourly basis which is the highest.  

Administrative positions such as sales pay a hefty amount to its employees. An average of $107K is paid to the sales department. Other administrative positions such as customer support pay $58k, HR makes $91k on average, IT makes $101K. Among these sales department have the highest salary outlet in the administrative line. 

How much does a Roto-Rooter’s apprentice plumber make? 

The average annual income for a Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup Apprentice Plumber in the United States is $55,015.

The different kinds of jobs and their pay can be written down as – 

  1. The plumber makes an average of – $46, 854 a year. 
  2. Apprentice plumbers make an average of – $34,815 a year. 
  3. Restoration technicians make an average of – $40,697 a year.
  4. Drain technicians make an average of – $21.90 per hour. 
  5. Plumber helpers make an average of – $13.08 per hour. 
  6. Sewer pipe cleaners make an average of – $44,517 a year.
  7. Field service supervisors make an average of – $45,438 a year. 

What ensures how much a plumber would make? 

Certain factors are held accountable while determining the salary of a plumber such as the plumbing school educational level, experience in the sector and skills, the position you work in (master plumber, apprentice, etc), and lastly the employer that hires you. Considering all these factors, a plumber’s salary is determined. 

If noted from the very beginning, a normal plumbing school can get you a payment that ranges from $15,000 – $20,000 a year. Whereas in the Roto-Rooter company, the very first year plumbing technicians can receive a payment of $45,000 a year(average). 

Here experience plays a major key as well. For example, a master plumber with ample experience could receive a payment of $200,000(average).  

The career options are vast in the Roto-Rooter company and provide you with a variety of options. The path you choose depends on your objectives. Generally, the payment of all the various positions in the company is very handsome. 

Now the benefits of payment are not only subjected to the economic asset but also other crucial facilities such as medical, dental, and disability insurance, paid vacation, retirement plans, and profit-sharing. Being an employee of the Roto-Rooter company is surely very much rewarding. The company does not hold back when it comes to paying the employees for their hard work. And one of the best features of the company is the paid training. Roto- Rooters will not make you do any kind of work for free. And usually, the payment is very attractive. 


Thus we found answer to the question ‘Does Roto-Rooter pay well?’ Overall the employment in Roto-Rooters means that you will get a good paycheck and there will be other facilities that would be ensured. If you’re seeking a satisfying career in a skilled craft, Roto-Rooter is surely the desired place. The customer reviews and the employee reviews are quite appreciative of the company’s approach towards its customers and employees. 

Does Roto-Rooter pay well?

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