Is Philosophy Cruelty-Free? Know The Truth

In this article, we will see Is Philosophy Cruelty-Free? or not.

Many people around this world are constantly looking up for the ethnicity of cosmetics because of animal testing and other harmful things that are going around with the internal industrial process. Female and male cosmetics are very widely sold all over the world. These were required to go through a test that was run on the animals. As it is fierce, various governments and people have started suggesting alternative ways to ban the cosmetics that are being tested on animals, naming them cruelty-free products.

Is Philosophy Cruelty-Free?

Philosophy is the company owned by the company or the organization named Coty. Philosophy is the most widely China’s seller based in the US. The cosmetics of China need special Chinese laws that require them to test on animals before selling them in the Chinese Market. The main question stands here: is philosophy cruelty-free on an absolute basis, or is it coated with different sheets.

What Is The Main Aspect And Understanding Of Cruelty-Free?

Products of various kinds, especially cosmetics, are known for animal testing because the skin of the animals and the humans are pretty similar. The cosmetics that are first made are tested in animals to understand better whether the product is working on the skin and allergic. 

As animals’ skin is very sensitive, trying on animals’ skin before getting it into human skin is much safer. If the product has passed animal testing, it would be suitable for any skin rent, making a better product to release in the market.

Biologically the skin of animal setters, rats, and different kinds of small animals are very similar to human beings and are often exposed to an equal temperature. Experimenting on such skin, which is not hazardous to humankind but is made better with animal testing, is beneficial to the companies. 

PETA And The Concept Of Cruelty-Free Product

As PETA and other animal organizations have come forward, people have started feeling the importance of humanity avoiding the cruelty when can easily hold and take that how people are against the products that use animal testing. 

Cruelty-free is a cult that has been turned into the right for animals and fighting against the company of different cosmetic and skincare routines making it a safe place for animals to live beside humans and not as an object of humans.

People are starting to feel the importance of a cruelty-free and safe environment for humans and animals, making humankind and humanity alive to live with its morals and stabilizing the food chain for better sustainable alternatives.

Philosophy The Company

  • Philosophy is the most controversial Chinese selling company based in the US. Chinese companies required to follow Chinese law who are also from a background of foreign or abroad philosophy need to test their products on animals regardless of the label in them cruelty-free because it is the law of China. China man used animal testing Before any cosmetic to be sold in the Chinese market. Philosophy is the trendy brand under Coty selling products in China, and it was popularised by the online application Tmall. 
  • Philosophy proclaims that products they are selling are strictly under Chinese law, and it doesn’t require any animal testing unless the law requires it. Animal testing is necessary as the company and the products are related to China. Still, before 2019 it was very strict about having animal testing, or animal testing Outsourcing was done to make the point clear that if philosophy is cruelty-free, it means they are Outsourcing the animal testing for the logging purpose.

In 2021, the government gave relief to cosmetic companies to go cruelty and have some comfort in the animal testing laws so that companies can avoid it on a maximum basis as per the freedom they have been given.

Is Philosophy Cruelty-Free?

No, philosophy is not cruelty-free because it is one of the parent companies to Coty that doesn’t follow the animals retesting or uses the alternative asset is required by the law. The company had to have some vegan products if they were not into cruelty-free testing. Still, it also indicates how even vegan products cannot be trusted because the company itself is not cruelty-free. It is only a cover is used by the company that is cruel to animals for betterment and advertisement.


Many companies indicate themselves as cruelty-free, but if there is an alternative and a company is still required to do some animal testing by the law, it is not cruelty-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How To Authenticate Cruelty-Free Products? 

Cruelty-free products will be fully explained and a bit expensive because of alternative testings used in the product.

  1. Is Philosophy A Bad Company?

Philosophy is not a bad company, but it sells one of the most innovative cosmetics in China. Still, the process of the company and various kinds of testing is exceptionally cruel to animals. Hence, everyone is opposing it

Is Philosophy Cruelty-Free? Know The Truth

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