Does Harbor Freight have in-store pickup?

A lot of people who shop online and want to pick up at the store are asking a similar question. ‘Does Harbor Freight have an in-store pickup?’ There are loads of offers that Harbor Freight provides. Such as 20% off on online advertised and web sales prices. But the ultimate answer to the question is No

Does Harbor Freight have in-store pickup?

As of now, Harbor Freight does not offer a “buy online, pick up in-store” option. But wait – there are numerous other offers that you can try and make your shopping spree smooth and easy. 

How Do I order fast from Harbor Freight?

This alternative option to ‘buy online, pick up-in store’ is just as convenient. The tools delivered by Harbor Freight are generally heavy and require the use of lift gates. You can only call customer associates or representatives at local Harbor Freight stores to place your order. Order by phone is a convenient option, and your tools and pieces of equipment arrive by the time you need them. 

If you would like to speak to an associate or representative at Harbor Freight, you can call this number: 1-800-423-2567, from Monday through Sunday. 6 am to 6 pm (PT) are the office availability hours for calls.

Suppose you want to buy a General 44 inch tool chest or 5 drawer tool cart. Call up your closest Harbor Freight store and ask for their assistance. Inquire whether they have the tools you require in their stock or not. The representative may also cite respective prices of products, which will help you determine if the purchase suits your budget or not. 

Is Harbor Freight Closing?

The pandemic has to lead to some businesses shifting their focus into online direct sales. Retail store closed down due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Even though the situation is returning to somewhat of a semblance of normalcy; retail shopping is continually being governed by the rules of social distancing. 

So is true for Harbor Freight situations. Some stores are closing down while others have opened to some extent, following Covid protocols. It is particularly difficult for Harbor Freight, a company that values in-store purchases and transactions more. Plus, the same is true for customers too. 

Harbor Freight Tools shut down their Camarillo distribution center. It made headlines across local news stations because it resulted in the loss of 51 jobs. The layoffs at the Camarillo distribution of Harbor Freight took place between June 22 and July 1. State Employment Development Department had received prior notification of this layoff as well as a report that highlighted reasons through the Calabasas-based discount tool and gear merchandiser, Harbor Freight. 

Harbor Freight could benefit greatly if they shift their services into a more online store and allow in-store pickup. Their delivery charges have brought complaints from customers. And the fact that they offer delivery only at $189 has motivated some users to unleash their anger on social media pages such as Reddit. 

Delivery Times of Harbor Freight 

According to their representatives and website, Harbor Freight determines the delivery of products and time taken according to location.

Standard delivery times of Harbor Freight tool and equipment shipment across the states and country; 

  • Standard Ground: 3 – 7 Business Days
  • Second Day means Second Business Day
  • Next-Day means Next Business Day
  • Truck deliveries could take 10 – 20 Business Days

The demand for in-store pickup options has been increasing from customers. Regular clients from the store highlight the ease and comfort in-store pickups would bring. Patrons at local stores regularly tell their cashiers how would be so much easier and save a lot of time if they could order the Harbor Freight tools online and have it paid for and ready when they get there to pick up the order. 

Harbor Freight currently has no plans that they have disclosed to the news or public regarding in-store pickup options. But as of now, you can only Order by Phone option is available to customers. 

Reasons why Harbor Freight tools are so cheap

A few of the reasons behind Harbor Freight tools’ popularity must be its availability beside every supermarket and CVS store. Also, the fact that Harbor Freight tool sales prices are very affordable. Almost every house in this country has a Harbor Freight tool somewhere in their basement and toolbox. They are also very easy to store and the stock at the nearest Harbor Freight store always has what you are looking for in their inventory.

The final steps while shopping at Harbor Freight includes – adding whatever tools you want to buy to your cart and hitting the Buy Now button. Secure and use coupons, and the 20% off offer for the best prices. We hope that Harbor Freight brings in in-store pickup options soon enough. Until then, ordering from phone and in-store purchases have to meet the demands. 

Does Harbor Freight have in-store pickup?

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