Safeway The Club Card

Most retailing and supermarket establishments are now incorporating loyalty programmes into their operations, allowing users to save money on shopping and acquiring more systematic customers. Just like that, even Safeway has its agenda of allegiance; recently, it has been renamed as “Just For U Rewards” from ‘The Safeway Club Card’. But what is the purpose of this Card? is the question raised; let’s go through the article to understand it more easily!

Safeway The Club Card

“Just For U Rewards”

The newly renamed is Just For U Rewards. An allegiance card authorizes the Safeway consumers for 20% to save on perishables, kitchenware, and other requirements. Consumers who shop at Safeway could get a card by filling out an inquiry at the checkout counter.

The Procedure

There’s a procedure for the registration, and here goes the process; if you would like to register for the Card, the method is straightforward doing! Just go to the local store and go near the help desk for an application. Individuals will be given a card by the company colleague servicing them. If you did not complete your registration at Safeway directly, you might also activate your Card through your mobile or laptop.

The customer has a few steps to follow for initiating a card online, i.e., Visiting their link to learn more and, you will be sent straight to the profile signup application. Then fill in your first last names and email on the application and Create your profile’s password. After you finish everything else, just input the Safeway Club Card number in the “Mobile Number or Club Card Number” field and, Once you’ve accepted the terms of use, your Card will be wholly authorized and ready to use.

Benefits and Other Aspects of the Club Card

The main question is, do we have Benefits with this Card? Yes, there are plenty of benefits to using this Card. For instance, Club Card users may get selling rates on featured items and earn points every time they purchase and toggle their Club Card. Users can accumulate points on their account by purchasing in any section of the supermarket and the pharmacies, and the petrol station. The Customers could also use the Club cards for logging in to their website to check the Coupon Centre for savings.

Is the Card free?

The Club Card is free of cost, and customers need to take an application form and fill and finish the registration process. There are some exceptions for the Card for using it, and the offer has the minimum purchase requirement. The offer is not accessible for all the products in the store. And the Card gets updated daily, and frequently they feature discounts and coupons. To check the update, the customer has to go to the website and check or App or subscribe to the email to get notifications.

Limit and Redeeming of the Cards

All the points will be on the profile after earning it, and it takes 15 minutes for the App and website to update the new earned points. The customers can redeem their points by just scanning or swiping their cards. There will be no limit for the Club Card points, and customers can check their points on their profile for redeeming their points.

Can I link my Card to others?

Yes, The Club Card can be connected with two accounts when their households have Club Cards to maximize their points and savings. Customers need to call 1-877-258-2799 to link their accounts.


As every company policy might have risks and upside downs, some risks occur in the Club Card. The Private information provided on the form includes your contact info and your house or postal location. If someone utilizes your user credentials to save cash on purchases, they rob your points, but this was not the most severe risk.

All expenditures record, and if they make vast expenditures of implicating things using your club card, there’ll be a trace of it, and may notify police authorities. Keep in mind that store staff have access to all of this information; it’s literally at their fingers because of this dreadful and sad infringement of his security, one individual jail.

Is it safe to have the Card or not?

Yes, it is safe, yet it depends on one’s own choice to have the Card or not. People who frequently shop at Safeway know the prices at the mart is too high, and there is no other option of getting a discount in some other way, and this membership card helps to get deals and coupons even though this is a hassle.

But the chances of having risks are too low under this Safeway Club Card. Some people register fake names with fraudulent information and report they have no issue doing it. However, many other customers have a happy experience with their Club Card, and they enjoy the benefits.


And Concluding with that, the ‘Safeway Club Card (or Just For U Rewards)’ is a membership programme that allows customers could save up to 20percent on purchasing consumables, medications, petrol, as well as other retail merchandise.

Safeway The Club Card

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