Louis Vuitton Return Policy-Learn More

Having to keep a faulty purchase can be unsatisfying, especially if a customer has spent a whopping amount on the item. The Louis Vuitton (LV) brand understands this and affords its customers the option of returning items, should the items be found eligible for return. See Louis Vuitton Return Policy.

Louis Vuitton Return Policy

Louis Vuitton Return Policy

Here is a step-by-step exposé on the Louis Vuitton Return Policy that a customer may find helpful should the customer find a newly purchased LV product faulty. 

A quick perusal of the LV Website will give a customer a first-hand insight on the company’s return policy. Here is how item returns work:  

  • First, a customer must log unto the customer’s MyLV account and lodge a request form;
  • Navigate to “My Orders” and commence the product return process;
  • This is followed by a confirmatory electronic mail that captures the customer’s order and further request.

It is advisable that customers do not trash the original branded and shipping packaging for the LV product that was purchased. The customer will be required to return the product in the same package as it came in.

Methods of Product Return

Product Return via UPS

The Policy highlighted that if any LV product was initially delivered via UPS, which is a renowned shipping company, a customer who desires to return the product is required to deliver the packaged product at any of the UPS stores or pick-up spot in the customer’s locality. The customer may also put a call through the customer care service to have UPS representatives pick the packaged product up at the customer’s address. UPS will act as the middleman ensuring the return of the product to LV, after which the customer’s refund will be processed.

Product Return via Temis Luxury 

Should a customer desire to return any of the customer’s LV product via Temis Luxury, a transportation company in Paris, it is important that the customer indicate this in the request form. An SMS response from Temis Luxury allotting a return time slot to the customer will follow. The customer can then expect a representative of the transportation company at the customer’s doorstep, at the slated time. The transportation company will ensure the return of the product after which the customer’s refund will be processed by LV.

Product Return via a Local Store

A customer may also return an item via a local store should the customer desire to return a just purchased LV product. All that is required is to proceed to a nearby LV store, (kindly note that the following stores do not process product returns- Harrods, Selfridges and Westfield). 

Upon the product return, the local store will conduct some convenient investigations on the product to ascertain that it is worthy of return. This is followed by a return of the products on the customer’s behalf, after which a refund will be processed.

Although some customers may be able to successfully return their faulty products, it is important to note that not all product returnable. Usually, LV’s Quality Service Department examines the reshipped item to ascertain its state before deciding to make a refund or otherwise. Hence, it is advisable that customers keep the product in mint condition especially if the customer is set to return the item- due to a fault in respect of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Allowable Period for Return?

Customers must initiate a product return process within 30 (thirty) days of the transaction. 

Can I Return Online/Via a Local Store?

In a case where a customer purchased any item online, the customer has the option of returning the item online or via a store, save for a couple of stores that do not process product return online etc. It is advisable that a customer speaks to a client service representative to ascertain that the local outlet processes return of products whether online or physically.

What is the Acceptable Product Condition for a Successful Return?

Customers should ensure that the products do not look like there was a gun fight at their place of residence.  In other news, the item must be unblemished, with all the documents and receipts that came along with it intact.

Depending on the nature of the item a customer wants to return, it is advisable for the customer to consult the client service personnel at LV first before shipping the product back. This is to prevent the seizure of the product if it is not properly enclosed.

It is important to take note that watches and jewelry cannot be returned for a refund; Customers may only request for an exchange of the item with another item in the same category. Customers should have their item certificate on standby as it is a requirement for return and exchange.

Are All Items Returnable?

Unfortunately, not all returns are acceptable for return. LV will not accept the return of swimsuits and masks. This is to promote good hygiene and prevent communicable ailments.

Custom made goods will not be accepted back by LV except where the item is covered by the following collections:

  1. Mon Damier Graphite;
  2. My LV Heritage;
  3. Mon Monogram; and
  4. My LV World Tour etc. 

What is the Duration of Refund upon Return?

Typically, a customer should be refunded with the money back in the account (the initial means of payment) within 14 (Fourteen) days of the confirmation of return. 

Louis Vuitton Return Policy-Learn More

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