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With many stores making it easy and accessible to do shopping at your convenience, everything just gets better. With an addition in policies and an increase in relaxation of many policies, it makes it so much hassle-free to go all out. Return, exchange, refund, and many other policies are constantly being molded for the ease of customers. Meanwhile, it’s up to us customers to keep up with the updates of the various stores and avail the policies designed for us. While each store has a different policy and conditions, they are all created to suit your needs and stay intact with the company’s values. 

Aritzia Return Policy 

Aritzia, a popular and dazzling fashion brand has its return policy too. They have a simple and quick policy lined up for you. However, certain conditions apply but that’s the case for every other policy. Right from not finding the right size or color to exchanging it just because you didn’t like it, Aritzia understands. They have a flexible and comfortable return policy arranged. This consists of requesting a return and adhering to the conditions. It’s as simple as can be. Find out more as you read on!

About Aritzia 

As you may be aware, Aritzia is a leading fashion store designing and selling apparel to suit your liking. This site is specifically for women spread across Canada and the United States. Aritzia has every comfortable clothing you can think of. Their focus is more on everyday clothing rather than gowns and fancy wear. Think of shorts, skirts, and even lingerie, they’ve got it all for you! add -ons like hoodies, masks, scrunchies, and much more are also available at Aritzia. The store does not compromise when it comes to comfort and aesthetics. Find some of the best and pleasant wear on this site. 

Aritzia Return Policy 

Let’s jump right on to the return policy at Aritzia. We can divide the aritzia return policy into 3 parts and then break it down. However, the process may slightly differ from store to store or for online shopping. 

  • Request return

If you’ve shopped online or you’re not near the store anymore or it’s a gift, don’t fret. Aritzia has a return policy that solves all issues to give you only what you love! The first step is to request a return. This is to be done via email, the address of which is provided depending on the store you’ve shopped from. There may also be a contact number which again differs from store to store. However, it’s better to send an email for record purposes. Once you’ve sent your email, wait for a quick and kind response!

  • Returning process

The response email will contain information on how and when your order can be shipped back. It will also tell you about your refund process. All details will be given to you via this mail. If you’re on call, you’ll either be asked for contact details for further information or may just be given the details on the spot. Remember that you can get a return done only within 30 days that you’ve bought the product depending on what it is. If you have credits on your gift card, you can use that to do your return within 40 days. Simply pack your items safely in a box and put the right stamps. Also, remember that the postage and shipping charges may be deducted from your refund. 

  • Refund process

Aritzia will send you your refund within 7 to 15 days. You will be notified once the same is done. Remember that your refund will be the amount after having deducted additional taxes and charges. The method you used to pay is the same way you will receive your refund. Moreover, for gift cards, you’ll receive the gift card back. Remember to have the receipt and all other shipping details in hand for your return. 

  • Returning products at the store  

If you’re near the store, all the easier the process of returning! The timeline though remains the same viz. 30 days for paid items and 40 days on gift cards with credit. Within this time, you can come at your convenience, show the receipt and give back your stuff to get your refund. It couldn’t be simpler!

Conditions for Returning to Aritzia 

Now like any other store, some conditions decide whether you get the refund and can return the product or not. Find these below:

  • Items must be attached to their tags 
  • The items should not be worn or damaged 
  • The customer must have a valid receipt
  • Returns must be done within the valid period

The following items cannot be returned based on the Aritzia policy. 

  • Items with a discount over 50% 
  • Bodysuits 
  • Innerwear 
  • Face masks
  • Customized items 
  • Hosiery 


That’s the Aritzia return policy for you, nice and simple. This policy is more likely to stay the same. However, due to changes in sales and other factors, the policy may vary. However, the same will be updated on the site and will also be conveyed to you when you request a return.


  • Can gift cards be redeemed into cash at Aritzia?

No, they cannot. Gift cards remain creditable to use on the site itself. One cannot redeem them as cash. Even if the refund is to be made, if you’ve used a gift card, that’s what you’ll get back as per Aritzia’s policy.

  • Can I return a product to a store at a different location?

Most likely, no. Different stores do not have the purchase records and may not entertain your product even if you have the receipt. It’s best to return it via shipping if you’re unable to visit the same store. 

Aritzia Return Policy 2022

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