Starbucks Slogan: What is It?


In the world of food and beverages, we choose not just based on taste but also on what appeals to us best. When the criteria shift from taste to other factors, much comes to the surface. Think about your favorite pizzeria or the doughnut shop that you would recommend to others. Now think why you’d choose these. Naturally, taste and quality come first. However, other things drive a company to make them as influential and favored as they are. To look at the bigger side of things, when you’re competing with other brands or talking big investors, after flavor, your ideals and values come next. We have come up with a new topic i.e., Starbucks Slogan. Check it out here in our article to know what is it.

Starbucks Slogan 

Let’s come to the world of coffee. No doubt everyone is driven to the Starbucks menu be it frappuccinos or iced tea. What is it, other than the menu that entails and energizes the people to give Starbucks the love and position that it is currently at? It’s their mission statement, their slogan, their values. The reason why they began Starbucks in the first place! While Starbucks doesn’t have one specific slogan, they cater to the diverse needs of millions. What gets them to do that is their mission statement and taglines. ‘To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time’ – this is more or less the mission they live up to. All their ideas and strategies, be it a new coffee or a new investment are influenced through this mission statement. 

About Starbucks 

Beginning in 1971, Starbucks is today one of the demanded and satisfying pleasures of a diverse population. Finding and following goodness even while crafting coffee is one of the standards that Starbucks lives by. Wanting to do good always be it with hiring employees or selecting the perfect cocoa bean and blending the perfect coffee is what Starbucks looks forward to. One can define them as a global coffeehouse catering to coffee lovers and others with their variety of coffees and tea. With other values like respect, quality, customer satisfaction, and more, they have reached the heights at which they are today. 

The Slogan -The Mission

Coming to the slogan, as mentioned before, there isn’t one slogan that Starbucks follows. They have multiple taglines that combine to give just the perfect message through their service and coffee. Their mission statement thrives to further and inspire even if it’s just through coffee. Their taglines have changed and evolved over the years to suit the preference of dynamic people. Moreover, with a change in strategies, policies, and more, they have molded their taglines accordingly. Yet, their mission remains the same.

It is safe to say that their slogan may be described via the many taglines. However, it is defined by their mission statement. Their slogan is their mission viz. Nurturing and inspiring one cup at a time. Many ends connect to prove this slogan cum mission. Right from respect to the farmers to being eco-friendly, Starbuck’s small initiatives have rounded up to back up their mission statement. 

The story behind it all

While the mission statement has more or less been constant, the taglines have often changed. This is due to the change in seasons, holidays, policies, owners, and much more. The factors are many. However, what has remained constant is their idea of including ‘coffee’ or terms revolving around the same in their taglines. The reason is first that it is a coffeehouse and that explains why they focus on standing as is. Secondly, it also stands to indirectly reflect the ideal dream of the founders and pre successors who created Starbucks to provide the perfect coffee for every person.

Other taglines 

Have a look at a few other taglines that Starbucks strives to work according to:

  • ‘A taste for the holidays’ – Created for the Christmas holiday season in 2020
  • ‘Brewed for those who love coffee’ – Tagline created in 2017 
  • ‘Coffee that inspires’ – A general tagline initiated in 2020
  • ‘Morning starts with a coffee’ – Tagline created before 2016
  •  ‘You’re a sip away from GOLD’ – one of the initial taglines 
  • ‘A cup of coffee that makes you think’ – Tagline for 2021


The taglines have been often molded and changed. The mission statement, however, has remained constant for a long period. All of the taglines have revolved around the mission statement which also serves as a slogan that persuades and inspires each employee to give their best at making an influential cup of coffee for every customer! 


  • What are other Starbucks taglines?

A few other taglines from Starbucks are ‘Start the day with great taste’, ‘May your day go as smooth as your coffee’ among others.

  • What is the meaning of Starbucks ‘ mission statement?

The Starbucks mission statement is based on the want to inspire people to make a difference. Apart from this, the latter part of the mission statement focuses on the need to develop people as individuals and as a community. 

Starbucks Slogan: What is It?

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