How Much Does Walmart Pay Stickers?


Here we will see about the How Much Does Walmart Pay Stickers?

In the United States today there are countless jobs with their pros and cons. One job that is worth gaining some traction is that of ‘An Associate Stocker’, usually the pay involved in most organisations varies on the size of the organisation. In this article, we will be looking at what USA citizens stand to gain from working in a reputable store such as ‘Walmart’.

How Much Does Walmart Pay Stickers?

Who Are Stockers?

Stockers that work in grocery stores are employees responsible for displaying the goods and keeping them fresh. They also carry out inventory analysis and are mostly involved in the placing of goods on the shelves of the stores they work in. Stockers also organise backroom spaces, load and unload shipments. Normally, Stockers work in retail stores, warehouses or chain stores, but the size of the store determines the number of stokers required.

What Is Walmart?

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of stores from the United States, headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. It was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 and has a net income of US$13.70 billion as at 2021.

Duties Of Stockers In Walmart

A high school diploma or its equivalent is necessary in securing a stocker job at Walmart. The training is usually done on the Job and here are some of the duties to be carried out by a stocker being hired by Walmart:

  • Placing merchandise in the appropriate area.
  • Helping customers in locating merchandise around the store.
  • Ensuring the stroke is free of tripping hazards.
  • Organising product displays and alternative promotional materials.
  • Monitoring food and merchandise quality.
  • Keeping inventory.
  • Lifting of heavy merchandise if the need arise.
  • Maintaining knowledge on all expiration dates of products to ensure proper replacement.

Working Hours And Wages

An average stocker in Walmart works between 5-8 hours daily and 30-40 hours weekly, depending on the amount of shifts. At entry level, most Walmart stockers are usually paid between $9 and $15 an hour. 

Regarding the financial benefits, all Walmart stockers are entitled to an employee discount on in-store purchases. As for full-time positions, additional benefits like a 401k, health insurance plan, and paid leaves are also offered. In some cases, company stock can also be awarded for Prolonged services.

Walmart Vs Competition Stocker Pay

While, stockers in Walmart earn between $9-$14, here are some of its competition payment average:

  • Target ($11.34)
  • Best Guy ($15)
  • Costco ($16)
  • Amazon ($15)
  • Kroger ($6-$14)
  • Home Depot ($10-$22)
  • Walgreens ($6-$14)
  • 7-Eleven ($10-$22)

Comparison Between Walmart Pay And It’s Competition 

Considering all 50 states in the USA, the minimum wage is between $7.25-$15.20, Walmart are one of the highest paying stores in the USA. Up there at the top of the list are stores like; Amazon, Target and Best Buy. Though Walmart pays their stockers as high as $15 hourly, they were not the first store to increase its wages. Back in 2018, Amazon increased its starting wage to $15 an hour. Walmart recently announced the increase in its average hourly wage to $15 an hour, then they were followed by Target and Best Buy. Though the federal minimum wage is $7.25, a lot of these big stores can afford to pay above the minimum wage, as we have seen with Walmart. In comparison with other big stores in the USA, Working as a stocker in Walmart means you are one of the few stockers earning well.

Surviving In USA With Walmart Pay

Going by the maximum amount stockers can earn at Walmart, which is $15. In a year consisting of 52 weeks, the total amount earned would be $31,200. If you are earning $31,200, your annual salary tax would be around 18.4%, which brings the net salary around $25,450 and the monthly salary would be around $12,121. It is possible to survive on $15 an hour, but some factors may need to be considered. These factors may include; your monthly bills, the cost of living in your area, transportation fares or your spending habits.


The Walmart Stocker job opportunities are great for people who like to work in smaller units or teams, with minimal direct supervision. The duties performed are usually easy to deal with and don’t require much technical knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the difference between a stocker and store clerk?


Stockers mostly work with sorting inventory, while Store Clerks regularly interact with customers. While Stockers may be able to help customers find the item they are looking for, they mainly work to unload and organise items.  Store Clerks help facilitate customers purchase their selected items once they have collected all they need from the store.

  1. What Is the educational requirement of stokers?


A high school diploma or its equivalent is necessary in securing a stocker job at Walmart.

  1. Is Walmart Stocker salary rates above the USA national average?


Well, you could say it is above or below depending on the number of shifts being run and experience involved.

  1. Do stockers do heavy lifting?


Yes they do, being able to carry heavy merchandise is part of the job description.

How Much Does Walmart Pay Stickers?

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