Does Walmart accept cheques as a payment method?

Walmart is an extravagant store where one can purchase whatever they require under one roof. From lotions to TVs and from groceries to different oils Walmart is a one-stop-shop for everything one desires to purchase. Walmart is not only present in our country USA or in North America but the chain of Walmart is now present across the oceans as well. Developing countries like India, Sri Lanka and Thailand can avail of Walmart’s services.After shopping and taking the overflowing carts at the payment counter one might want to pay via cheque. So, Does Walmart accept cheques as a payment method?

Does Walmart accept cheques as a payment method?

Absolutely! Walmart does accept cheques. Note that the cheque shall match with the credentials present on your IDs and one needs to pass the third-party verification process seamlessly. One can receive 20% cashback if requested.

Shopping at Walmart

The customers get great discounts and products are of good quality. If anyone wants to grab seafood they can completely rely on Walmart’s clean and cold storage facility. The veggies are kept clean and the whole shopping experience is super amazing. One can walk through the alleys to get a glimpse of new products in the market. Students can grab piles of notebooks at a very reasonable price.

Processing of cheques

Once Walmart receives the cheque the processing won’t take long. It is not at all a cumbersome process. But, if the verification fails one shall be open to other payment options. The third-party verification of the submitted cheque is carried out by Telecheque or Certegy. Overall, the process is easy.


As a customer, you can absolutely use the cheques every time you shop. Walmart just doesn’t accept starter cheques. Your bank provider might have some cap limit set on the amount but Walmart doesn’t. The cheques can be used at regular cash registers. Any cheques from abroad won’t be accepted.

Penalty or extra fees

If your account holds an insufficient balance then Walmart will charge you the extra fee. The additional fee of $35 will be applied. One agrees to these terms and conditions right before signing in the cheque. Hence, be very careful and diligent. The staff is amiable and they will definitely help you with the same. Once you reach the cash counter, just let the person know that you would be paying via cheque and they will take care of the further procedure. Simple!

What other cash chequeing services Walmart offers?

Apart from cheque cashing, for super convenience one can put their money in their MoneyCard. If one needs some cash handy going to Walmart can be a seamless process rather than standing in the queue at the bank. Card cashing can be done for $3.74 and one can get up to $1,000 from the debit card. Note that the transactions are limited only up to 3 per day and can change as per the state law. In-app money center services might face glitches sometimes hence Walmart advises one to visit the local store.

Also, Walmart accepts the following cheques,



Government and Tax


Insurance settlement

MoneyGram Money Orders

Other ways you can initiate payment at Walmart are,

Installment financing

Walmart financing

Walmart Credit Card

Money Transfers

Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart Pay


Below you will find some answers to the questions you may have,

Does Walmart take apple pay?

Many payment options are available at Walmart stores such as Instalment financing, Walmart financing, Walmart Credit Card, Money Transfers, Walmart MoneyCard, Walmart Pay and cheques. But, note that Walmart doesn’t accept apple pay. One can also use MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, Amex or straightaway cash.

Can you pay with a cheque at Walmart self-chequeout?

If you are opting for the self-chequeout, you won’t be able to pay via cheque. Make sure to join the regular chequeout lane to proceed with cheque payment. Walmart also accepts gift cards, credit cards, debit cards and EBT cards. Apply pay is not at all accepted as of 2022.

How many store does Walmart have in the US?

Walmart as a multinational retail corporation has over 10,000 stores worldwide. In the US as of 2021, there are 4,743 stores. The stores are present in developed as well as in developing countries. Walmart’s HQ is in Bentonville, AR, US.

Why is my cheque not reading at Walmart?

The cheque is not being read because Walmart doesn’t accept computer printed cheques. As the cheques have magnetic ink printed all over. The cheque reader is mostly looking for the same and these days one can observe, that there are many frauds happening with the printed cheques.

Will Walmart cash ripped cheques?

How much damage the cheque has suffered? Had the numbers on it gone blurred? If the cheque has suffered too much damage then Walmart won’t be able to proceed with cashing.

To conclude, Walmart does accept different types of payments and cheques are among those.

Does Walmart accept cheques as a payment method?

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