Do VRBO Prices go Down?

There is no greater joy than to have a wonderful vacation, a comfortable and healthy stay with amenities without having to pay a huge sum of money. In this regard, identifying a suitable vacation stay. Here we will see Do VRBO Prices go Down?

 As an aggregator, VRBO first allows the customer to use filters and sort options to narrow down on the priorities and bring forward the least expensive option. These can be altered further. The VRBO prices can vary based on a number of factors and the inputs customers enter while searching for suitable vacation stays. If the customers factor in these points while searching, the can push the VRBO prices down.

How to bring the VRBO Prices Down? 

Step 1- Importance of Dates

Step 2- Additional Charges

Step 3- Nature of property

Step 4- Negotiation

Importance of Dates

It is important to specify the dates to get the real price of the stay. Without the dates, the prices shared are an average of the rates for the next few months. To understand a change in the nature of prices, it is essential to enter the same dates. Moreover, there might be a variation in the rates for different nights. Hence, a comparison of the final prices would help the customers take a cost effective decision. 

Additional Charges

In addition to the night charges of the room, there are several additional charges like maintenance costs, permits and insurances which add into the final cost. Cleaning cost, especially based on the size and location of the stay are to be borne by the customers. Covid Sanitation norms have further added to the problems.

The service fee is charged for the service and support provided by the host. VRBO customers have a 24/7 customer service. Local lodging taxes set by the local government are further added to pay municipalities and other tax authorities.  Some customers look for pet friendly stays during vacations. These stays may charge additionally to cover their cleaning costs.

Nature of Property

The nature of VRBO has changed from being pocket friendly catering to backpackers, college students without a source of income and all those looking for cheap places to stay. As the website gained traction, the owners besides renting out private rooms are also renting out vacation homes and lavish properties. So the nature of property chosen further.

Moreover the additional charges have increased over the years as site has become popular. It is advisable to check the final results while browsing properties which can save on the final prices. VRBO’s feature of inclusive price gives clarity with regards to breakup costs and fees and taxes


The prices of VRBO can go down if negotiated well. The customer may use flexibility of dates, nature of room, off-season travel to his advantage and try to favour prices to his favour. They may also request for wavering off some of the additional charges or asking for upgrade for special occasions or some discounts that may be accommodated.  One may also promise to share good ratings and reviews after stay and request the pricing to go down. These tips often have helped customers to ensure a fair dela for themselves. 

What does VRBO do?

VRBO or Vacation Rentals by Owner acts as an aggregator connecting owners of Vacation stays with travellers. The website acts as a global marketplace listing vacation properties on rent. By having a minimum rating standard and norms that a vacation home should comply with, VRBO helps those stays reach out for those looking for accommodation with that particular place and dates mentioned. 

What are the benefits of using the platform?

VRBO helps increase the digital presence of the vacation stays. Good service can enhance the ratings which can further provide revenue to the owner. Its easy entry system helps mid size owners as well to list their properties.

On the customer side, Multiple options also helps customers make a better decision. The different filters available helps them choose on the amenities, nature of property, location and pricing. It is a mutually beneficial relation

Is it possible to pay in currencies besides USD?

Yes it is possible to use other currencies. VRBO platform lists 30 currencies that can be used while making transactions. The wide expanse and coverage of this website with the option of multiple currencies makes it user friendly.


VRBO has made travelling and accommodation very easy and transparent. It is also helping owners to find alternative sources of income. The age old company has encouraged several other platforms to incorporate similar features and its fundamental model has stood the test of time.  With Covid hampering travel plans, these listings are getting affected. But with the world getting vaccinated, owners look forward to good business and VRBO will shine again.

Do VRBO Prices go Down?

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