Is Zoflora cruelty-free?

Is Zoflora cruelty-free? 


When it comes to home and spaces, you want your favorite and preferred products. Interior and other kinds of setting up, designing, and decor for your home or office are some of the interesting things to do. Many people prefer getting their space designed themselves. Many even go one step ahead to place and organize their furniture and other stuff around their space. For some, a to-do task on the schedule, and for some a fantasy and dream, setting up your own space is something that needs its details. Right from the color of the wall to the lamp on the table or the scent you use, all of it will give a style and define you and your room. Therefore, a majority often get the products like fragrances, candles, tables and clocks, and a lot more themselves. Here, let’s discuss ‘Is Zoflora cruelty-free?’


Every aspect is important, be it your home or workspace. People put a lot of thought into color, shape, and even fragrances while setting up. Even if you’re simply purchasing a house-warming gift, you think hard about what specific type of product to get. Fragrances are one of the important elements that add an aura to your overall design. It also gives a sort of style statement which is why you’ll have certain homes only with vanilla and some only with orange. It depends on which fragrance soothes you best. With today’s increased standard in policies, it has become relevant and safe to have cruelty-free products. While most cosmetics and skin products have majorly shifted to the same, other product companies are also changing. Zoflora is one of these companies that has adopted a cruelty-free policy on its products. Read more for details.

About Zoflora 

Fragrances are one of the things that are crucial in a home. However, what comes even before that is cleaning. Cleaners and disinfectants are an indispensable part of every space. Moreover, with the pandemic having struck, these have become mandatory for our safety as well as that of others. Zoflora is a company that deals in fragrances and cleaners. They have a wide range of disinfectants, cleaners, mist disinfectants as well as fragrant disinfectants. Think strawberry, grape, or lavender, they have it all. They specialize in the line of these products for the sole aim of fighting germs and spreading hygiene. Their added mission is to add a little flavor and fragrance to health and cleanliness. Therefore, their company specializes in fragrant disinfectants that work as both disinfectants and air fresheners.

Is Zoflora cruelty-free?

Coming to the doubtful part, quite a few question whether products are cruelty-free before purchasing. While this was seen commonly for makeup and skincare products, it is now visible for almost any product. For many reasons, Zoflora also supplies, manufactures, and sells cruelty-free products. This means that they do not involve parts of animals nor do they test any of their products on animals. 

They clearly state that their products use only natural products as well as the extra acidic or chlorides and other ingredients which are cruelty-free. The main ingredient, especially in their disinfectants, is benzalkonium chloride. other than this they have all their fragrant and additional elements to make their product as impactful as is. They also use carbolic acid as one of the major products. However, this again is cruelty-free. 


Zoflora is the perfect and comfortable fit for your home. Find hygiene, health, calm, and fragrance in every spray of Zoflora’s vibrant range of disinfectants and cleaners. Along with the fragrance, be assured that your product is safe and cruelty-free doing no damage to animals! Find any and every fragrance together with germ-free elements with Zoflora’s products! 


  • Is Zoflora vegan?

There are a few doubts as to whether Zoflora is completely vegan or not. While all their products are cruelty-free, the majority of the same are vegan too. It’s best to check the ingredients at the back before purchase to get a better idea. 

  • How many fragrances does Zoflora have? 

Zoflora’s range of fragrances is updated regularly. Being a company specializing in fragrances, they keep increasing their types. There are currently over 30 kinds of fragrances available. There may be more or less depending on location and other factors. 

  • Can I use Zoflora on my patio?

It is advised to avoid using Zoflora on patios and concrete items due to the possible reaction with the ingredients. You may spray it around for fragrance although direct contact is not recommended. 

  • Can I use Zoflora disinfectant as a fragrant? 

Yes! The unique characteristic of Zoflora’s range is its fragrant cum disinfectant. The whole idea is to create a product that gives both. Therefore, you can use it either as a disinfectant on ceramic, septic, and selected appliances or you may spray it as a fragrance throughout the room.

Is Zoflora cruelty-free?

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