Wegmans curbside pickup- What is it?

Wegmans curbside pickup

Coronavirus has given a tough time to the world. It has kind of compelled certain things to go online. Businesses, especially those that involve close contact with their customers have to come up with new ways of reaching their customers. Here, let’s know about Wegmans curbside pickup.

That being said, the situation had led businesses to go for innovative ways like curbside pick-ups. Even stores like Wegmans have adopted the mode! Of curbside pick-ups for its customers. 

But what is curbside pick-up? How does this mode work with Wegmans? Let’s see!

What is curbside pick-up?

Even though the way of shopping has become easier due to online mode, some customers still seem to have trouble with the ‘extra’ costs which come with their shipping and delivery. 

Some of them may not be comfortable enough to ship their products to their homes. Under such circumstances, curbside pick-up seems like a pretty good option. 

Curbside pick-up is basically a service that lets customers pick their order from a place that is much more convenient than getting it shipped to their homes.

Do Wegmans provide curbside pick-up?

Wegmans, one of the most known American supermarket chains, fortunately, does provide curbside pick-up. 

The company believes in customer satisfaction which is fairly fulfilled by this service as it provides a sense of choice to customers and values their comfort!

How do you place an order for curbside pick-up?

You can place an order for curbside pick-up through the Wegmans app, or their website called Wegmans.com.

On wegmans.com, you just have to click on the ‘list’ option placed at the top right corner of the screen. After that, you can select the store from where you would like to build your list. Once you are done with this, you can choose the Curbside pick-up option and place your order. 

On the Wegmans app, you have to click on the shopping method. The said option is placed next to the home icon. Once done, you can select curbside pick-up and place your order.

Apart from Wegmans’ app and website, there is another way through which you can order your groceries. That is by logging in to the Shoppers Club account. By doing so, you can also have a look at your previously bought items and add them to your present list. This will reduce your work of browsing them. 

Once selected, you can browse other departments if you want to add new items to your list and then choose curbside pick-up for the option of delivery!

What are the charges of the curbside pick-up in Wegmans?

Even if you buy the same products from Wegmans, the way you get your products delivered has its fair share in the change of prices.

Hence, the prices may differ, if a customer is buying items on Wegmans from curbside pick-up and not from delivery or any other method.

This pricing change usually comes due to the addition of fees like delivery fees and service fees.

In Wegmans, for curbside pick-up, there is no delivery fee and service fee, however, you need to have a minimum order of 10 dollars.  

Can you cancel the placed curbside pick-up order in the Wegmans?

While getting things online, there is always a risk that you may have to return them if they don’t meet up to your expectations. However, apart from that, you also have to consider if you can cancel an order beforehand if you are not interested in buying it anymore.

Well, if canceling an order is your issue then you don’t need to worry because, in Wegmans, you can cancel your given order and you can do this through the online mode itself!

All you have to do is to log in to your Wegmans app or website with your account and find your placed order. From there, you can cancel it.

Make sure you cancel the given order at least one to two hours before your pick-up time. This is because, up to that time, Instacart’s personal shopper didn’t start picking the order. 

Canceling an order at this time is also beneficial as you won’t be charged any cancellation fee!

What are some other stores that offer curbside pick-up?

Other than Wegmans, many stores have adopted the curbside pick-up model to meet consumer demands. Some of them are:

  1. Walmart
  2. Amazon
  3. Kroger
  4. Target


Wegmans, America’s one of the most famous supermarket companies, gives out a range of groceries and items for their customers. 

You can get them through online mode too. They even provide you with the choice of the mode through which you want your order to be delivered.

You can get your products through normal or express delivery. You can also get it through curbside delivery. 

If a customer opts for curbside pickup, he or she does not have to worry about any service or delivery fee. However, they must at least have an order of 10 dollars to get this service.

Wegmans curbside pickup- What is it?

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