Zappos Return Policy 


Here we will see about the Zappos Return Policy 

There is so much that goes around when it comes to shopping. There are always different opinions and options that revolve. Whether it’s for school, parties, birthdays, or anything else, shopping never gets old. Right from groceries, scrunchies to makeup, and more, needs are wide and numerous. Therefore, stores are on the constant run to find you exactly what you need. Moreover, they go beyond their boundaries to shape their stores and policies to your comfort. They want your customer loyalty and to keep you happy of course. This has led to the rise in stores, offers, deals, relaxation of rules, and much more among stores. 

Zappos Return Policy 


Various stores have different policies. Some of these are necessary across all companies namely exchange, return, offer- related and other policies. All these policies are equally important for both the company and the customer. Therefore, with changing needs, companies tend to update their policies too. This article provides information on Zappos’ return policy. Find information on how to return products and details of the process too. Also, find the criteria for defining the eligibility of return for a product at Zappos.

 About Zappos 

One of the finest and ideal companies to shop from. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable mode or an aesthetic and elegant style, Zappos has all you need. Functioning since 1999, Zappos has been delivering some of the unique, limited, and vibrant products. Be it a hoodie, pajamas, or even a gown for a soiree, there are numerous products to find your fit. Moreover, not just clothing, Zappos also offers lingerie, shoes, accessories, and anything you need to complete any look. Going to the office, a party, or even a run in the park, find your style at Zappos. Known to function in simplistic yet classy styles, Zappos is one of the friendly and comfortable stores on all fronts. 

Zappos return policy 

Being a free-spirited and smooth-running company, Zappos understands all your needs. They aim to deliver only what thrills you and if you’re not satisfied even an inch, they got you covered! They have a very basic and leisure return policy that allows shopping with no hesitation. Their policy is a 365 day from purchase date policy. Moreover, it is a free return policy where you have no hassle of any extra charges to be paid at the time of return. 

So how does this process work?

Firstly, you need to check whether you want to return the product. If you do, log in to the Zappos app or website and look for the return option either on your order or under the general ‘return’ option. You need to contact them via mail or the helpline number to receive instructions on how to return your product.Once you do that and receive your instructions, follow the same and ship your product back. You can keep a track of your return via the Zappos app and will be notified with an email when your return is accepted. After your returned product has been received, accepted, and inspected, Zappos will begin your refund process. Your refund should be credited to you within a max of 10 working days via the original payment method. Depending on the same, the process may be delayed by a day or two. 

Terms and conditions 

There aren’t any specific conditions on the Zappos return policy. There is no minimum value or maximum limit to your returns. There isn’t any restriction on any product as such either. Just remember to do it all within 365 days! However, a few basic conditions do apply: 

  • The product must be in a new, unworn and undamaged condition 
  • Try to maintain the original packaging of the product while shipping – especially for shoes.
  • All original tags must be maintained on the product. Zappos has something called a security tag on certain products. If your product to be returned has those, be sure to keep them on while returning. 


With an extremely lenient and hassle-free return policy, shop your heart out at Zappos! There is no limit on your returns nor any restrictions. Don’t like a product, Zappos understands. Return it or exchange it for something that suits you! Zappos return policy is designed for you so you never have to compromise when it comes to shopping!


  • What if I don’t have the original box of the product? 

Ideally, you should keep the packaging originally sent by Zappos. However, if you don’t have the same, make sure you mention the correct details as provided by the Zappos team and pack the item well before shipping. 

  • How do I know whether my return has been accepted by Zappos?

You can track the progress of your return on the Zappos app once it has been sent for shipping. Moreover, when your item is received and accepted, you will receive an email confirming the same.

Zappos Return Policy 

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