Walmart And Ibotta

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Company Overview (Walmart):-

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is a global chain of more than 10,000 stores in 30 countries. 

The company was founded in Arkansas in 1962 by Sam Walton, who built his first store named Walton’s Discount City on a small plot of land in the town of Bentonville. 

The company went public in 1970 and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol

The Walmart Company operates retail chains as varied as Walmart and Sam’s Club in the United States and Asda and Tesco in the UK. The Walton family that owns the company is also the wealthiest in the US, with a net worth of $100.8 billion as of December 2018. 

Company Overview (Ibotta):-

Founded in 2011, the Ibotta app has helped users save an estimated $2.4 billion since its launch. Ibotta is a cashback app that finds coupons, discounts, and cashback offers and automatically applies them when you buy something. There are no coupons to clip or special offers to sign up for. It’s mobile-only and free to use with cashback.

  • Ibotta is an online rewards program that helps shoppers save money when they shop online and in-store.
  • Ibotta works with some of the country’s largest retailers to help shoppers save up to 80% on their favorite products. With Ibotta, users earn cashback when they use their smartphone to scan products in-store and at the register. The cashback is then automatically deposited into the user’s bank account. Users can scan product barcodes and watch their savings add up. 
  • Ibotta is like a personal shopper for any shopping, helping users save money on their favorite products. 

Walmart and Ibotta Partnership:-

In July 2018, Ibotta and Walmart announced a partnership that allows users to earn cashback from their purchases at Walmart by using Ibotta.

Whenever you use an Ibotta offer at Walmart, you’ll get cashback with no strings attached. It’s an easy way to earn some extra money at the store, and it’s also a great way to save when you’re already shopping there. As a new Walmart branded cardmember, you can get cashback at checkout when you use your Ibotta card. 

How does it work? 

When you shop at Walmart, you can use the Ibotta app to find out how much you can save on your purchases.

The partnership enables users to earn cashback in a variety of ways, including from in-store purchases, online purchases, and from referring their friends and family to the app. When you purchase items at Walmart and submit your Ibotta code, you’ll earn cashback from Ibotta. The customer will receive a notification on how much cashback they earned. Ibotta will inform the customer about how their cashback was earned, and how to redeem their cashback. 

Benefits for Customers:-

Walmart and Ibotta, the largest cash-back app, recently announced a partnership to bring the best cash-back offers to customers, including exclusive offers not available anywhere else.

  • The new partnership will allow customers to earn cashback on their groceries when they shop at Walmart, similar to how Ibotta works today. And for customers who don’t have an Ibotta account yet, the new Walmart partnership provides a great opportunity to try the app and get savings. In short, the new Walmart Ibotta partnership means more ways to save on the groceries you love or on products and brands they are already buying. 
  • It’s a great way to save without having to clip coupons or search for discounts.
  • Ibotta app also offers a variety of ways to earn cashback, including shopping through the app, answering surveys, referring friends, and taking quick surveys. 

Walmart and Ibotta have partnered up to provide customers with more savings and rewards. By combining the best of both worlds—a wide variety of products, low prices, and a digital platform—customers can enjoy the best of Ibotta without needing to download the app. This makes shopping at Walmart even more convenient than ever before.


The partnership between Ibotta and Walmart will bring many benefits to the customers. The customers can earn more cashback when they shop at Walmart. The reason why Ibotta is partnering with Walmart is that Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world. The customers can get more money when they use their cashback. Ibotta’s partnership with Walmart will help Walmart customers save more money and earn rewards on their shopping trips. 


  1. How can I redeem my cashback?

The cashback can be redeemed as a statement credit, or as money in the bank via a PayPal account or a PayPal Cash card.

  1. How does Ibotta works?

The app works by finding coupon codes and deals from retailers and restaurants that are integrated with Ibotta and saving the user money without them realizing it.

  1. How many stores Walmart operates?

The company operates stores under several different banners, including Walmart, Walmart Supercentres, Walmart Express,,, Sam’s Club, and e-commerce operations including and Walmart. 

Walmart And Ibotta

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