Does Sephora take PayPal?- How to Use?

Paypal is a multinational corporation that offers financial services to consumers such as online money transfers. They are based in America, with headquarters in California. Here, let’s know ‘Does Sephora take PayPal?’

They act as a medium between the seller and the prospective buyer. Their main selling point is making cashless financial transfers easy for both, but they have now expanded their services into many other things. They take a small cut of the amount for themselves as profit. A lot of stores have tied up with them, and PayPal is an extremely popular mode of payment as of now and a lot of people like to use PayPal while shopping online, for reasons such as not wanting to enter their card details. PayPal is an extremely convenient mode of payment for many. 

Sephora is also a multinational corporation, known primarily for being a beauty and makeup retailer. It is a French brand, headquartered in Paris, France. It sells a diverse variety of beauty products, such as different kinds of cosmetics, haircare, and skincare products. Sephora partners up with a lot of brands and stocks other brands’ items in their store. It is a brand on the costlier side, but it is like Disneyland for makeup enthusiasts. Walking into Sephora will not be kind to your wallet in any way. 

Sephora did not accept PayPal until a few years ago, but much to our luck, have recently started accepting PayPal as a mode of payment under certain conditions. 

How To Use PayPal at Sephora?

  1. Shopping Online 

To shop online at Sephora, there are two ways.

  • Sephora App 

If you want to pay using Paypal, you will have to use the Sephora website. Sephora’s mobile application does not offer the option to pay via Paypal. Keep in mind that you will need to keep your PayPal account active, and it needs to have enough balance to fulfill the cost of your transaction. As we’ve highlighted before, Sephora transactions tend to be on the costlier side! 

Through your PayPal account, you can pay through various mediums. The default, comparatively easy option is paying through your PayPal account balance, but you don’t need to worry if your PayPal account does not have enough balance in it. You can also pay with your debit card, credit card, or bank account through PayPal. If you are having unexpected difficulties while trying to make your payment, you can try clearing your cache or your cookies before trying to checkout. This should solve any problem on your side. 

Steps To Pay Online Through PayPal – 

  • Log in through your account on Sephora as usual.
  • Browse through the website and select the items you want to buy.
  • While checking out, you will be able to see a ‘’Pay with PayPal’’ option below. 
  • Click on that, and they will redirect to the PayPal website,
  • Here, you can make your payment as usual through PayPal. 
  • After you make your payment, your order will be confirmed by Sephora.
  • That’s it! Your order will be placed.
  1. Shopping in Sephora’s physical stores

Sephora also accepts PayPal in its physical stores. You will have to download the PayPal app, make an account and connect it to your bank account. You can also connect it to any card that you want, other financial services such as Google Pay, or the PayPal wallet. Once you’re in the store, make your payment using your PIN when prompted. If you have made a PayPal payment before, this should be pretty easy and straightforward. If you run into difficulties, you can ask the employees in the store for help. 

  1. Using Gift Cards

You can use PayPal on Sephora through gift cards. Pay for a gift card with PayPal, and then use it to purchase goods anywhere from Sephora. The Sephora app, website, or any physical store will accept their gift cards, no problem. You can either get physical cards or e-gift cards. Either way, they will have a gift card number and a PIN that will be required while payment. 

Other Modes Of Payment at Sephora 

If you are not comfortable with the way PayPal works at Sephora, you still have an array of options to choose from. These include:

  • Credit cards 
  • Debit cards 
  • Sephora credit cards
  • Online credit (got from Sephora as store credit)
  • Gift cards 
  • Gift certificates (You will have to call customer service to use them)
  • Klarna 


Sephora’s reputation as a brand is one of the best, and buying your beauty, personal care products from there will be a decision you are not likely to regret. If you are someone who is used to making payments through PayPal, Sephora’s policies come as good news for you. They did not accept PayPal for a long time but recently started doing so. If not being able to use it on their app irks you, a little time would probably solve that. We hope this article helped you gain some insight into both Sephora and PayPal. Happy Shopping! 

Does Sephora take PayPal?- How to Use?

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