Does Zappos accept Paypal?

Here we will see about the Does Zappos accept Paypal?


Among the growing industry in fashion and apparel, both new and old companies and brands have emerged. As tastes and preferences increase so do the production process and results. To match the dynamic likes of customers today, many products are being launched with unique characteristics of their own. Apart from necessities, the next thing that comes to mind when you say shopping is clothing and shoes. Accessories, add-ons and other gear that add to our look is something that is old but is evolving each day! From cotton to satin and shirts to jumpsuits, a lot has developed in the fashion sense. Today, there is a broad range to choose from.

Does Zappos accept Paypal?


Just like products are increasing, brands are increasing too. Along with brands, companies and stores are also developing. From general stores like Walmart to original outlets of Nike and Gucci, there is fashion everywhere. Making it effortless, accessible and the best fit for you is the mission. Therefore, one notices right from the availability online and in-stores to discounts and easy returns, the whole idea of shopping has been made a pleasure. This article looks at Zappos payment policy. Zappos does not accept payments via Paypal. However, there are a load of other options;. Read more to find out details. 

About Zappos 

Zappos is one of the stores providing the effortless, accessible and best fit shopping as mentioned earlier. Name the brand and it is likely you will have it at Zappos. The company deals in giving you the complete look you want no matter which brands you like. Right from Converse to Dolce & Gabbana, they have anything you need to get your style statement. Clothing, shoes, accessories, gifts and more. Think anything under ‘fashion’ and you have it offered by Zappos. Their motto is ‘to live and deliver WOW’ and rightfully each of their products fit that purpose. 

Does Zappos accept Paypal

Zappos does not accept Paypal. It’s not like they never did, they used to accept payments via Paypal till 2014. Ever since, they have stopped using Paypal and have shifted to the various other existing payment options. 

It was revealed that Paypal was part of eBay since 2002. However, since 2015 they have built their own company and have gained much support, partnerships and loyalty. Being under eBay then, Zappos chose to stop using Paypal as its payment options due to the competitiveness between eBay and Amazon which owns Zappos. You’d definitely not use and expand your competitor’s business when you have ample options around you! Therefore, since 2014 Zappos has stopped payments via Paypal. Even though Paypal became independent, they chose to stick their then selected payment options alone. 

Being part of Amazon, Zappos opts for payment options that are inclined with Amazon itself. Moreover, with Amazon’s own payment option recently, Zappos has also included that as that payment option. Payments are also possible via Amazon Pay for Zappos products as long as you have your account linked. 

Gift cards from Zappos via Paypal 

If you’re a full-time Paypal user, don’t worry! Zappos may not be taking direct payments via Paypal. However, you may purchase gift cards from Zappos using Paypal and then use those gift cards to purchase anything you like from Zappos. A bit lengthy compared to direct digital payments but still accessible and effortless! You may purchase these on the Paypal app under the  ‘Zappos gift card’ section or go to ‘eGifter’  which also provides Zappos gift cards via Paypal. There are many gift cards with different offers and rewards available which may be purchased with Paypal. Moreover, if you purchase these via eGifter, you can receive points that can later be used as rewards on the app!

Other payment options at Zappos 

If you’re not into gift cards, Zappos has ample other payment options to try!  While they do not accept most forms of digital payments currently, there are other options like debit and credit cards. MasterCard, Visa, American Express are among the few card payments that Zappos accepts. 


Zappos is a great platform for shopping. Along with variety and quality, they also provide free shipping and have comfortable policies for their customers. While their payment options may not be all that flexible, their gift cards certainly make up for the same. 


  • Does Zappos accept other online payments? 

Yes. However,  Zappos is very selected in terms of the payment processors they use. Zappos is not into digital transfers via payment processing apps like many other stores. They mainly focus on purchases with credit or debit cards. Alternatively, other payment options include Amazon pay, American express and so on.

  • Do gift cards purchased via Paypal work in Zappos physical stores?

Yes. Once you purchase your Zappos gift card using Paypal or any other payment option, you may use this gift card at the Zappos store or website until the period mentioned. 

 Does Zappos accept Paypal?

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