Why does Walmart scan your Receipt?

Why does Walmart scan your receipt?


Shopping at Walmart is one of the best experiences, as people get nearly all the things in a single place. Here, let’s know ‘Why does Walmart scan your receipt?’

Be it your new winter clothes, kids’ stationery, groceries, or even home décor. That’s why it becomes necessary to visit this one-stop solution for all your needs at least once a month. 

However, people who enjoy shopping at Walmart might get annoyed with the scanning of the shopping receipt before their exit from the store. No matter how annoying it appears to its customers, it is a necessary protocol for not only Walmart but also for other supermarket chains. This ensures a constant check upon shoplifters. This may also help customers in rechecking the list of their bought items. If it is still difficult for the readers to normalize the scanning of receipts at Walmart, then reading the article till the end will help them to understand the procedure well. 


Walmart is one of the leading chains of grocery stores in the USA. 

As of 2020, Walmart had 4,743 stores across the states of the USA. It is globally popular for its good quality products provided at an affordable price. People can also do the shopping of groceries online from Walmart. The company has managed to gain global recognition due to its top-class products.

Can Walmart check the receipt of its customers?

Before knowing the reason behind the checking of receipts at Walmart, it would be great to know if Walmart can legally do it or not. 

Walmart employees can voluntarily ask any of the customers to show their receipt before exit. Afterward, customers have the right to deny showing the receipt. Due to “Shopkeeper’s Privilege” laws, The company has the full right to pressurize the customers to show the receipt on the ground of suspicion of shoplifting. 

The reason behind the scanning of Receipt at Walmart

No matter how much we progress, there is always a chance of human error. There are high chances of error in the case of billing at the shopping counter. That’s why shoppers’ receipts are checked before leaving in supermarkets like Walmart. Generally, it is a rare practice and is performed only at the time of malfunctioning of sensors located at the exit point. 

In this situation, it becomes important for the shoppers to understand that the practice is not the result of suspicion, but an act of verification. Hence, it is advised to people to stay calm and cooperative with the management and let them scan the shopping receipt for any discrepancies. There are chances that Walmart employees may ask for identity proof from their shopkeepers. Even at that time, cooperation was the key.

 Receipt scanning keeps the shoplifters at bay

Every supermarket or a big grocery store is vulnerable to shoplifting. In such cases, it becomes important for the management to maintain the safety of the products as well as of the shoppers. In such a situation, relying completely upon the machines and sensors is not a good idea. That’s why senior-level management constantly asks its employees to keep a vigilante on the customers. In this situation, there are chances that someone from the staff may ask for the receipt from any of the customers. In such a situation, it would be too foolish to make an issue out of it. Rather, voluntarily cooperating with the staff will help in maintaining the safety at the store. 

What to do in case of loss of receipt?

If the shoppers lose their receipt soon after billing, it is best to inform them about this at the counter. In this situation, there is a chance they can retrieve their receipt from some other method. But that may take a much longer time. If a person has done the billing via e-payment, then he can produce it as proof of billing. Afterward, he can request the management to produce an e bill by using the online Walmart Receipt Lookup service. However, the process hasn’t been mentioned on the official website of Walmart. This process can be very time-consuming, that’s why it is advised to take the management in confidence about the payment and leave for your work. 


 People, who shop frequently at Walmart, may be used to an occasional receipt scanning before exit. However, it completely depends upon the situation which decides the need to do the checking. In such a situation, if a shopper feels like the staff is harassing him in the name of receipt, then he is legally free to not show up the receipt and leave the shop. But this is not the case every time and shoppers are advised to cooperate with the staff to ensure proper functioning at the store.


Q1. Is it possible that a shopper can be stopped from leaving for not showing the receipt?

Ans. As the showing of the receipt by customers is completely voluntary, then the management cannot detain the customers for not doing so. However, if the management has enough reasons and proof of suspicion against a shopper, who is unwilling to show the receipt, then they can detain him inside the store.  

Q2. How often does staff check receipts at Walmart?

Ans. Manual scanning of the receipt by Walmart employees is a rare scene inside the store. The grocery store chain has also installed self-check-out machines at many of its locations. That’s why shoppers will rarely find someone asking them to show their receipt at the store. 

Why does Walmart scan your Receipt?

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