Picture In Picture On Hulu?

Here we will see about the Picture In Picture On Hulu.

In the following article, we are going to discuss if the picture in picture mode, also referred to as PIP, can be used on Hulu or not? 

Picture In Picture On Hulu

Before talking about picture in picture on Hulu, let’s talk about what exactly is Hulu.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is a premium American streaming, video-on-demand service platform which was launched on October 29, 2007. Hulu is one of the oldest streaming services. 

As of now, it is only available in the United States. Hulu is majorly owned by the Walt Disney company. Comcast owns 33% while Disney owns 67% of Hulu.

Hulu plus Live TV is available on a subscription that includes over 50 cable channels other than the standard channels. It is a great choice because it doesn’t include any hassle of dealing with cables or any other installation. You just need a screen and a solid internet connection, and you are good to go.

Hulu subscription plans

Hulu provides a wide range of plans to choose from depending upon our likes and how much we can spend.

  • Hulu — $5.99

This is the cheapest plan which will allow a streaming library with ads.

  • Hulu — $11.99

This plan is the same as above but without ads.

  • Hulu + Live TV — $64.99

This plan allows streaming to over 60 live TV channels along with the standard library but with ads.

  • Hulu + Live TV — $70.99

This plan allows streaming to over 60 live TV channels along with the standard library without ads.

Now that we have some knowledge about Hulu and its subscription plans, let us talk about some streaming features. These online streaming platforms provide many features for us to enjoy the streaming experience to the fullest. 

Some of the features are like for example- dark mode, picture in picture mode, and many more.

Let us talk about picture in picture mode and see if Hulu allows us to stream in picture in picture or not.

What is picture in picture mode?

Picture in picture is a special type of multi-window mode that allows minimizing our current application’s screen without interrupting its content while we browse other applications.

This is a great feature to check upon the important messages, browse through social media or switch to any other activity without interrupting the content that running on the platform.

Does Hulu provide picture in picture mode?

Hulu provides picture in picture while streaming on ios services. This feature was enabled when ios 14 was launched. Well, other platforms can also enjoy this super feature by following certain steps.

How to activate picture in picture on Hulu?

1. Through a web browser

  • Download extension mode of picture in picture
  • After installation is completed, go to the toolbar
  • Select picture in picture icon. 

That’s all. The above steps will enable you to use picture in picture in Hulu via your web browser.

Through Android device

  • Go to Settings > Notification and Apps.
  • Now go to advanced settings
  • Select picture in picture option
  • Choose the app in which you want to enable this feature
  • Select Hulu. 

In this way, you can enable this feature not just for Hulu but also for any other app of your choice.

In conclusion

Now that you have all the information on how to stream on Hulu with the picture in picture mode, what are you waiting for? Enable this super feature and enjoy. Happy streaming!

Frequently asked questions

Q1 How can I get Hulu for free?

Ans- You can get Hulu free for 30 days on a trial basis. All you need to do is sign up on Hulu and enjoy 30 days of free streaming. After 30 days, you will be charged.

Q2 How to use the picture in the picture on ios devices?

Ans- To get picture in picture on ios devices-

One method is to click on the picture in the picture icon when the video is playing on the device

The second method is to tap on the video twice, followed by swiping in upwards 


Q3  Is picture in picture feature available on any other platform?

Ans- Yes absolutely. Other streaming platforms like Disney+, amazon prime, Netflix, and many more have this feature. As of now, youtube doesn’t provide the picture in picture mode.

Q4 does Hulu enable picture in picture on chrome?

Ans- Hulu doesn’t allow picture in the picture feature to work. The extension will re-enable the picture in picture feature on any video running in Hulu.

Q5 How can users interact with the picture in picture window?

Ans- The different ways we can interact with picture in picture window are:-

  • Resize the window using the pinch-to-zoom method.
  • Users can change the size by double-tapping the screen 
  • Users can move the picture in picture window by dragging it anywhere on the screen.
  • Tapping on the picture in picture window will display the video in full-screen mode.
Picture In Picture On Hulu?

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