Does JB Hi-Fi Have Payment Plans

Does JB Hi-Fi Have Payment Plans limited is a publicly listed Australian retailer that specializes in consumer goods. It has its locations in Australia and New Zealand. The company is publicly listed on ASX and is based in Melbourne, Victoria with its headquarters in Southbank. The company was established in 1974 by John Barbuto. The company was later sold to three partners who expanded the JB hi-fi chain. As per the data of august, 2018 the company was the 7th largest consumer electronics and home appliances retailer in the world.

Does JB Hi-Fi Have Payment Plans

Payment Plans At JB Hi-Fi

Does JB Hi-Fi Have Payment Plans to its customers. The customer can use these payment plans to pay for his purchases up to $ 1000, not more than that. These payment plans mean that a customer purchases his needed products at present from the store or the company’s online website and then makes the payment for the same in a stipulated period as agreed upon by the company and the customer. This time of payment is known as the payment period, and this whole process is known as a payment plan. 

The payment plan can usually be of around 1 to 6 months, depending on the size of purchase of the customer. If the order quantity is small, then the payment period is also tiny and vice-versa.  So yes, the company does accept a payment plan method of payment for purchases made by the customer in its store or online.

Products Sold By The Company

The company sells a variety of products under its name. Mainly these are consumer goods that are sold by the company. The goods include:

  • Smart speakers
  • Television sets
  • DJ gear
  • Various portable devices and radios
  • Mobile phones, tablets, I-pad, etc.
  • Headphones and speakers
  • Microphones and home theaters
  • Record of old songs and DVD’S

These are the various products sold by the company. These products mainly include electronic products as the company specializes in these electrical products and therefore sells electrical products and appliances under its name.

Best Time To Shop At JB Hi-Fi

When is the best time to shop anywhere or at any big brand store? It’s during the sale time. Why so? Because during these sale times, the companies have to clear their old stock to buy and put in the new stock, so the commodities are available at reduced prices and the company offers huge discounts on them as well, so it’s a win-win situation for the customer. On top of that, the company also offers various payment schemes and offers to customers to choose from that he can avail on his purchase at the store. Therefore the sale time is considered the best time to shop at JB hi-fi.

The best time to shop at JB hi-fi is considered to be during the Black Friday sale, which mainly occurs in July. This time is favorable because this is the time when the company offers the maximum discount on its commodities, and that is a big benefit for the customer who wants to shop in a budget-friendly scenario.

Apart from the Black Friday sale, the company has a variety of sales going on around the year, some of them are:-

  • JB hi-fi clearance sale
  • JB hi-fi classic semi-annual sale
  • JB’s year-end sale
  • Jb hi-fi’s stock clearance sale

These are some of the times that are best for shopping at JB hi-fi, and if the customer shops during this time, he can take advantage of the huge discounts and offers that the company gives during these sales and buy high-end products at reasonable and pocket-friendly prices. Apart from all this Does JB Hi-Fi Have Payment Plans also offers deals and discounts every week on their website and often even in-stores. The customer has to look out for these deals and grab them while they last.

Return Policy Of JB Hi-Fi

The company offers a 30- day return period to its buyers from the day of shipment. Within these 30 days, the buyer can return the product and take a refund or exchange for the same. The condition is that the buyer should have the original bill of purchase and all related documents of the product that has to be returned. The customer could return even an opened product if the customer opened it for inspection purposes within 14 days from the day of purchase. Like any other retail store, if the customer comes after the 30 day return period to return the product, he will receive the money through store credit and not in the original payment method that he had used to pay at the time of purchase.

Money will only be refunded in the original payment method only when the customer comes within 30 days to return or exchange the product otherwise, the money is refunded as store credit that can be used by the customer next time during his next purchase. So that’s how the return policy of JB hi-fi works accordingly.


So, overall we think that the company is currently functioning well in the Australian market and is gaining new heights within it. The company is slowly climbing up the corporate ladder and shows great potential to do well ahead.

It accepts payment plans, sells a variety of products under the company’s name, and the sales going around the year help the company gain a much wider customer base for itself.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Q1) How long does the company take to reply?

A) Mostly, within 4 days, the company tends to respond to customer emails and complaints or queries.

Q2) Does JB hi-fi repair?

A) Unfortunately, the company does not repair goods once sold to the customer. Although, on the other hand, the company will give you the contact details of the manufacturer who may do the necessary repairs in the product which the customer needs at that time.

Does JB Hi-Fi Have Payment Plans

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