Is Etsy Safe?

Etsy is an e-commerce store that specializes in the sale of handmade and vintage items customers buy handmade items, including bags, clothing, jewelry, home decorations items, toys, arts, etc. they also sell vintage items that are 20 years or older. But Is Etsy Safe?

Is Etsy Safe?

Etsy is a safe marketplace to shop from, but there are a few elements who are out to scam those who do not know how the system works. To protect yourself, read buyer reviews before deciding to buy. And only pay for items through Etsy Payments–Etsy’s checkout system.

How Can I Make My Account Safer?

Etsy provides advanced security measures you can take advantage of whenever you want. But you must first register to create an account To create an account, visit and select “Register”. Registration is free, easy and fast. Once you create your account, sign in.

To strengthen your account security,

  1. From your profile, Click on “Account Settings”.
  2. The click on the “Security” at the top of your screen).
  3. Turn on the two-factor authentication to ensure that Etsy calls you or sends a text whenever someone attempts to log into your account. If you do not authorise the Sign in, you can now let Etsy know and the Sign-in will be prevented.

Are Etsy Sellers Authentic People?

The majority of sellers on Etsy are good people and decent people trying to sell their products. However, the human factor kicks in: wherever there are good people, bad people appear sooner or later. Some Sellers on Etsy are dubious and are out to scam unsuspecting customers. And because Etsy does not scrutinize sellers after registration, the problem persists.

How Do You Know a Safe Etsy Seller to Buy From?

One of the ways to know a safe seller on Etsy is checking the Etsy review system.

Etsy gives buyers up to 100 days after the order delivery date to write a review about the product and the seller.

These reviews rate the 

  • Product quality
  • Customer service
  • Shipping and delivery timing
  • Handling of returns,
  • Replacements in the case of damage and,
  • Refunds

Most authentic Etsy sellers have 5-star reviews and a handful of reviewers, which indicates the sort of experience previous buyers have had with the seller or shop.

How Does Etsy Protect Purchases?

If you made a purchase and are not satisfied with any aspect of the transaction, take these steps:

  • Speak with the seller to get clarity
  • If you have an issue with the item, you can look to the right side of any item and select See Return Policy and then the Shipping and Returns. You can review the content of the return policy to see how the seller manages such cases. As independent stores, Etsy has empowered the sellers/shops to make refunds, exchanges and return decisions on their own.
  • If you cannot an amicable solution with the seller, you can then lodge the case with Etsy visit 
  • By opening a case, Etsy would step in to work with the both of you to reach a solution.

How Can I Protect My Data on Etsy?

  • Don’t give away your card number or password over the phone, in an email, or any messaging system.
  • Make your payments through Etsy’s checkout system (Etsy Payment). If anything goes wrong, Etsy will be able to track your transaction and help out. Etsy cannot help you with any payment outside of the Etsy checkout system.
  • Report any suspicious transaction, like getting charged for a transaction you didn’t initiate, through Etsy Customer Service at

Should I Use Debit or Credit Card on Etsy?

Credit cards are better for use on Etsy. They offer the buyer protection against fraud and the buyer does not have to pay for items they did not buy. If all you have is a debit card, you can go ahead and buy on pay with it on Etsy but credit card prevents several other e-commerce related problems.


Etsy is safe enough for any online buyer who is careful enough to see through the Scam elements that constitute a small fraction of sellers on the platform. Reading buyer reviews and sticking to Etsy’s checkout system will keep you safe on the platform. To safeguard your account, you can also turn on the two factor authentication in your settings as described above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Shipping Upgrade?

With shipping upgrades, sellers can offer a shipping option in addition to the regular shipping rate. Shipping upgrades are. It is left for the buyer to choose their preferred option at check out.

For the buyer, shipping upgrades allow them to select specific shipping options for the item(s) they want to purchase from different sellers.

How does the buyer access the shipping upgrade?

The buyer can find the shipping upgrade option after adding the item to cart. They can click the Cart link at the top right of any page.

From the dropdown, they would see the shipping upgrade options the seller offers.  

Is Etsy Safe?

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