Is il makiage cruelty free?

With the growing craze of makeup among people, the cosmetics industry is on a boom for the last two decades. With the help of creative content, ad campaigns, and top-notch models, several cosmetics brands have established themselves. However, many irresponsible practices are prevalent in this industry. One such is the testing of cosmetic products on animals. Is il makiage cruelty free?

Is il makiage cruelty free?

Many companies have come forward on their own to acknowledge this problem. That’s why we have companies that went cruelty-free as long as 50 years ago. One such cosmetic brand which stood against the common yet inhumane testing practice is Il Makiage. Its products are 100% cruelty-free. Il Makiage’s cosmetic products are highly popular among the USA public. Moreover, it is equally supported by its aware consumer base.


Founded by Ilana Harkavi in 1972, the Il Makiage Company has gained huge recognition in the USA. Later, it expanded its roots to countries like Germany, Australia, and the UK. Moreover, the company has become a leading tech-focused beauty brand in Israel. It has also opened more than 5 institutes in Israel. Recently, the company’s maximum shares are owned by L Catterton.

As of now, the brand is headed by CEO Oran Holtzman. Il Makiage was able to expand its services globally due to its highly advanced online shopping platform.


Yes, the company is cruelty-free. To maintain its commitment towards the eradication of animal cruelty, Il Makiage doesn’t sell its products in countries where animal testing is mandatory. One of its products, Woke Up Like This foundation is 100% cruelty-free. With its high moral standards, Il Makiage never compromises the quality and variety of its products. For instance, the Woke Up Like This foundation comes in more than 50 shades.

The white coloured elastomeric silicone powder adds charm and texture to the skin while doing the make up. The powder has the ability to absorb extra oil from the skin. It also increases the shelf live of the products.

Is Il Makiage cakey?

The cosmetic provides a matte touch to the skin. It adds a subtle touch of lighter shade and doesn’t makes it look like a heavy  duty, foundation.  The Il Makiage product is not cakey and has a fine texture. 


Most of the Il MARIAGE products like foundation and compacts contain white silicon powder. This component ensures a smooth and soft look of the face. With its oil and sebum absorbing property, the powder provides a non-oily look to the applicant. It also acts as a preservative in cosmetic products.

The other ingredients of the cosmetics are obtained from sources like Vitamin E. Such ingredients help in attaining non-aging skin. Its other ingredient, Hyaluronic acid, provides a moist and supple look.

How to know if a brand is cruelty-free or not?

The best way to figure out the cruelty status of a brand is to look at its products. Search for a prohibited bunny sign on the product. The presence of such a logo will confirm that the product is cruelty-free.

People can also check on a cosmetic company’s website to know about the testing method they use. If the status is still unclear, then you can directly contact customer care or send mail to the higher authorities. Many trusted websites provide a list of cruelty-free products. People can rely upon such lists to choose their new cruelty-free cosmetics.


Many cosmetic companies have come forward to take their stance against animal cruelty. Il Makiage, a globally popular brand, vows to eradicate the animal testing practice from the cosmetic industry. The company claims to be fully cruelty-free. Moreover, it also doesn’t sell its products in countries that mandate animal testing for every cosmetic product. Il Makiage provides excellent quality products with a large variety of options. The company is certified by PETA. The organization certifies only those companies which do not harm any animal in their product testing method. To get this certificate, every organization jas to sign an agreement of confidence to assure no use of the company’s formulations or products on animals.


Is Il Makiage vegan?

Ans. Most of the products Il Makiage are vegan. However, the company is not 100% vegan. Il Makiage, on its website, has mentioned that most of its products like foundation are vegan. But, certain ingredients of some of its products are either extracted from animals or are animal by-products.

Q. What is the price of the Makiage foundation?

Ans. One bottle of Il Makiage costs around $44. People can buy a suitable shade of this foundation.

Q. Are the Il Makiage products safe?

Ans. Most of Il Makiage’s  products are made of safe ingredients. There is a lesser number of cases of skin irritations after using Il Makiage products. However, there are some questions about two of the ingredients used in making Il Makiage products. These ingredients are mentioned in the Environment Working Group’s Skin Deep List.

Is il makiage cruelty free?

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