Walmart’s Security Footage Retention Policy

Walmarts Security Footage Retention Policy

Walmart is a multinational retail and grocery store corporation headquartered in the United States. It is also the world’s largest private employer, with 2.2 million employees. Let’s know about Walmart’s Security Footage Retention Policy.

What Is Walmart’s Security Footage Retention Policy?

Security cameras are strewn throughout Walmart shops, even at self-checkouts, because of the size of the stores and the number of items they sell.

Walmart has hundreds of cameras in and outside of its shops as of 2022 to combat theft, keep a watch on their personnel, and keep track of any events involving consumers that may occur in-store.

So, whether you’re a Walmart employee, a customer, or simply curious, you might be wondering how long the company stores surveillance video. Here’s what I found out!

In 2022, how long will Walmart keep security footage?

In 2022, Walmart will preserve security CCTV video for an average of six months to one year, depending on the size and location of the shop. The retention time for surveillance video at smaller Walmart shops can range from 30 to 90 days.

Continue reading to learn how to see surveillance footage at Walmart.

How long does Walmart store security footage from parking lots?

The length of time that Walmart shops preserve parking lot security CCTV video varies, however most Walmart stores keep it for 30 days on average.

What is the procedure for gaining access to Walmart’s security camera footage?

You must have a good reason, such as believing you have been the victim of theft or in-store violence, to obtain security camera footage from Walmart.

If this is the case, making a note of the incident’s time, date, and position within the business might help you navigate the camera footage more easily.

Is Facial Recognition Used in Walmart Security Cameras?

As of 2020, Walmart has stated that it is collaborating with face recognition technology firms to detect and monitor shoplifters in real-time.

A Walmart official confirmed to Business Insider that face recognition AI cameras had been installed in 1000 Walmart locations across the United States.

Do Walmart’s surveillance cameras get a look-in?

Walmart does keep an eye on its security cameras, but it isn’t always doing so. Walmart recently invested in artificial intelligence (AI) security cameras that may alert employees to discrepancies or problems without requiring continual monitoring.

Security footage is more likely to be reviewed regularly in high-crime regions, but in most states, Walmart employs its security cameras to support prospective claims and police investigations rather than to prevent theft right away.

What Is Walmart’s Policy on Theft?

Walmart, like other big-box businesses, has a serious theft problem. Walmart has security cameras and personnel who have been trained to recognize robberies right away.

Walmart’s theft policy focuses on the following points:

  • If an employee is unsure whether or not someone is shoplifting, they should not intervene.
  • Only the most highly trained workers are capable of apprehending prospective shoplifters.
  • If no trained people are available, employees should wait until the shoplifter has left the store before intervening.

Based on store security cameras and personal data, Walmart can call the authorities and perhaps discover the shoplifter’s residence.

Alternatively, a shoplifter may be barred from particular Walmart shops or all Walmart stores in a state.

For additional information, read our other guides on whether Walmart files criminal charges against shoplifters, how Walmart tracks shoplifting, the top stolen Walmart items, and if Walmart can check your receipt when you leave a store.


Walmart’s security camera system has been enhanced and modernized to include artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition. The usual retention term for most in-store surveillance footage at Walmart is 6 months to 1 year. However, this varies by shop.

You must either phone the particular Walmart store or ask for the shop manager at the help service desk if you want to request or watch any Walmart surveillance footage. It is at the decision of the store manager on the day whether you will be able to personally watch the videotape; nevertheless, Walmart will be more than eager to cooperate in the majority of possible illegal or detrimental situations.


  • Is it true that Walmart deletes surveillance footage?

CCTV video can be kept for 6 months to a year at large big superstores like Walmart. This will also allow them to check in on a certain employee who has a shady reputation, and they will be able to review the film for any clues or proof.

  • How long does surveillance video last?

The majority of surveillance camera video is kept for 30 to 90 days. This holds for hotels, retail outlets, supermarkets, and even construction firms. To meet industry regulatory requirements, banks preserve security camera video for up to six months.

  • When it comes to security cameras, how far back do they go?

How far do the cameras have a field of view? Most of the cameras we install have a range of vi. Howeversion of 0 to 50 ft. They can see longer distances, but not in great detail. Some cameras can see further away, but you can’t normally see both close and distant at the same time.

Walmart’s Security Footage Retention Policy

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