What is GAP return policy?

GAP works as a worldwide retail company in clothing, accessories, apparel as well as personal care and grooming products for both men, women, and children. With global sales in mass amounts in both online and in-store purchases, GAP has a well-defined policy for both kinds of purchases. In this article, we will see What is GAP return policy?

GAP return policy

Company information and segments 

GAP, Inc operates with various brands and segments in its company profile. Gap Global, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta are just some brands among their vast business portfolios. The company also produces brands for women and children, namely under BabyGap, GapBody, GapKids, and GapFit. Among their products are clothing, handbags, jewelry, accessories, shoes, and fragrances. 

Return and Exchange policy for GAP

GAP offers a flexible exchange and returns policy for both virtual and real shopping experiences. In case the customer feels like the size, color, or style of the bought product is not right for them, the company is ready to exchange it within 45 days or even offer a refund. 


For any item bought under GAP, Old Navy, or the Banana Republic, the exchange process is viable within 45 days of the purchase, after which no exchange or return is possible. 


For any item bought under Athleta, the exchange process is viable within 60 days of the purchase, after which no exchange or return is possible. 

Returning/Exchange policy for gifts

In case you have received a gift and it is not the right size or fit for you, you can exchange it via the following methods.

Gift Return via Mail

In case of a return via mail, the first step would be to select the gift checkbox after which the invoice has to be made with a clear name and address. The gift is to be placed in a box, preferably the one it came in along with the mailing label. Drop the package off at your nearest UPS location after which will be picked up and free home delivery will be done for the new package. As soon as the returned item is received by the company it is refunded in full amount in an Options gift card. 

Gift Exchange via Mail 

To exchange a gift, contact your nearest GAP store to order a replacement item and return the gift by mail after which the new item will be delivered to your doorstep. In case of a refund of an additional amount, 10 business days will be taken by the credit card company. 

Gift Return or Exchange in a store

Locate the nearest GAP store near you and return the gift along with the invoice. The return or exchange will not be accepted without the invoice. 

Returning/Exchange Policy for bought items

For items bought online 

To return or exchange an item bought from the company website, pack the item securely and include the packaging slip as well. Drop it off at the nearest USPS. The exchanged item will be shipped free of cost or in case of a refund, a 10-day credit refund will be followed. 

For items bought at the store

Bought items are to be returned to their specific brands, for example, an item bought from Old Navy cannot be returned or exchanged at a GAP retail store. When going through the process, please be sure to take the invoice along with the item. 

For more information on the return and exchange policy for GAP, please visit www.gap.com. 


Here are some questions frequently asked by customers when thinking of going for an exchange or refund.

  • Can sale items be exchanged or refunded?

No. No sale items are eligible to be refunded, exchanged, or returned.

  • How much will it cost for shipping of return or exchange?

None. No shipping cost is charged in case of return or exchange of an item. 

  • Can store items be returned online?

No. To return a store item, you would have to go to a nearby store from the brand purchased. 

  • Can washed items be exchanged or refunded?

No. Washed and worn items cannot be refunded by any GAP brand. However, in the case of Athleta, the GIVE-IT-A-WORKOUT guarantee enables you to try an item for once and test to see if it is feasible. In case of dissatisfaction with any item from Athleta, the customer may return or exchange it within 60 days, after which the return or exchange shall not be valid. 


GAP has a variety of brands and options to shop from both in their retail and online stores. Their return and exchange policies are flexible as they aim to attain customer satisfaction. For more information please be sure to visit the respective GAP brand site to have a look at their return and exchange policies or to have direct contact with a customer representative. 

What is GAP return policy?

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