Publix Hours


Here we will see about the Publix Hours

In the United States, Publix is one of the greatest places to shop for such supplies and items at low pricing. Publix has a crew of early birds that begin work at 7 AM each day. They have a software app that may be used to create coupons, recipes of your favorite cuisine that can help you with your shopping list!

Publix Hours

So, what is Publix?

As of now, Publix is the top employee-owned market chain in the US, having developed from a one-store operation in 1930. Even though they haven’t reached every corner of the country yet, stores are among the top five in the country.   

Apart from the daily requirements, even baby and pet supplies may be found in stores. You should absolutely visit Publix today if you want to see one of the greatest supermarkets around with everything you could possibly dream of!

So if you are planning to visit Publix, certainly you would have some questions in mind. For example: What hour does it typically open its doors to the public? When does it declare its last hours? 

However, Worry not! This article has got you covered everything you need to know about the working hours during the regular and special days as well. So let’s get started!

When does it opens?

Monday to Sunday, Publix stores are open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Make sure to double-check the store’s operating hours before you arrive. You may easily get your favorite morning brew of coffee at Publix stores if you commence later in the day. 

Because it is open seven days a week, this is achievable. The hours of operation at Publix Pharmacy are significantly longer though. You’re welcome to drop by any day of the week since this is the routine operating procedure for Publix stores. 

So, when does it close?

The fact that Publix opens at 7 a.m. does not mean that it closes early, as you would have presumed. It is open from Monday through Sunday until 10 p.m., then closes for the night. supermarkets are open until 10 p.m., so you may shop there after work or even after the gym.

Are the timings affected in case of any special event?

Fortunately, it will be open on New Year’s Eve, and any other important event like Christmas or Thanksgiving Day, although its operating hours will be restricted. The majority of locations would be open on New Year’s Eve from 7 AM to 9 PM (ET/PT). However, keep in mind that any store will close at 9 p.m. on the last day of business.

In some cases, the store’s closing time will be sooner than nine o’clock. Before rushing out for any last-minute shopping, it’s a good idea to phone your local store and confirm the hours. 

The good news is that has your support on such occasions if you need to stock up on bubbly, frozen pizza, or any other items to cook up supper for your friends and family. However, remember that the hours of operation at Publix Pharmacy are significantly longer. 

If I visit Publix, what are the store’s policies?

Customers and employees who are completely immunized are no longer expected to wear masks inside the shops as of May 15. After the CDC announced revised mask guidelines last month, this is the next logical step.

It has also erected floor markings to encourage social separation in order to protect consumers and employees. Sneeze screens and routine washing of baskets and carts may also be visible near the registers.

How can I place an online purchase ?

Customers of Publix can place online orders for pick-up in-store or home delivery. It’s as simple as logging into Publix’s website and selecting a time for pickup. Once you’ve arrived at Publix, proceed to the curbside parking area and leave your car there.

Alternatively, Publix Instacart may bring goods to your door within an hour. The minimum order amount to qualify for home delivery is $10, however, make sure to check the delivery prices before placing your purchase.


We hope that this article could serve your purpose in figuring out when Publix will be open during regular or special occasions. So, all you need to do is take out some time from your schedule and head into the nearest store! In case of any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.


Who is the owner of Publix?

An employee-owned American grocery chain known as Publix is based in Lakeland, Florida. Employees and family members of the founder of Publix are the only owners of the private company, which was founded in 1930.

Are there any discounts for seniors at Publix?

At select locations in Alabama, Carolina, and Tennessee, seniors 60 and older receive a 5% discount on Wednesdays.

Is there a senior discount at Publix in Florida?

Anyone who has gone to the Sunshine State knows how much fun it is to shop at Publix. On Wednesdays, people aged 60 and above receive a 5 percent discount, making the experience even better.

Publix Hours

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