Is Zara Cruelty-Free?

Here we will see about the Is Zara Cruelty-Free?

Zara is a Spanish retailer-based company. It is owned by Inditex, exclusively prominent for fast fashion, perfumes, beauty products, accessories, swimsuits. The company was established by Amancio Ortega. It is one of the largest retailer attire groups. The ability to alter and convert with the new styles within a few weeks makes it extraordinary from any other brand. Let us probe into the largest retailer’s company and look upon whether it is pet-friendly or not.  

Is Zara Cruelty-Free?

Zara is sourcing out for cruelty-free and sustainable to create less harm to the planet. The adherence towards a non-toxic environment. No animal testing is leading away for a vegan-friendly environment. 

How is Zara more Pet friendly?

Burberry, Valentino, Chanel, and many other brands have been exposed to animal cruelty for their products. Zara brand has entitled under the retailer’s list which provides vegan clothing and stores on one of Peta’s official website articles. According to their animal-welfare policy, The Inditex commits to an ethical and on-account for using any animal-related products. It carries out a strict ban on the usage of animal skin, shells, horns, bones, feathers that are slaughtered for them. It also commits to not selling any cosmetic products that are tested on animals at any stage of production. It also prohibits the animals which especially killed for the fur. This giant retailer has taken steps in the – Collect, Reuse and Recycle policy. 

What non-cruel materials does Zara utilize?

  • The majority of the shopping bags are made from recycled paper, made with biodegradable plastic. 
  • In 2018, they launched cosmetics and made 12 lipstick shades available online. It wasn’t entitled as vegan but it did not have any fish-derived guanine, beeswax, or any other serial offenders. 
  •  In 2019, Zara launched faux fur coats in which synthetic fur coats and polyester material was being used for their vegan shearling jacket. 
  • The homeware products are set up by Zara home. It includes scattering cushions, wallpapers, table lamps, and many other soft furnishings. 
  • All these products are sustained with their environmental policy. Thus, in 2018, Zara Home was awarded by PETA for recognition of the company in their second annual Vegan Homeware Awards. The Best wool-free blanket was awarded for its simple and colorful blanket. 
  • Zara crochet Natural Bag created from non-synthetic materials like jute and vegetable fiber. Organic cotton bags and hessian many other faux leather products are available. 
  • The long overcoat is made from cotton, polyester and they are wool-free. 
  • Many belts get created from woven jute and belt. The soft cushions are polyester in a polypropylene casing, although they may be hypoallergenic. 
  • The double-sided vegan Sheepskin Blanket is created from acrylic materials. 
  • The buttoned Faux fur coat is made with 100% modacrylic and polyester. 

What are the promises and goals for the near future?

  • The milestones that they achieved in 2020 are –
  • Usage of more than 35% for Join Life Collection. The clothes have been processed from raw materials using ecologically grown cotton and recycled polyester. 
  • 100% Eco-sufficient stores. 
  • No or zero discharge of dangerous chemicals
  • Commitment to forest conservation in canopy style. 
  • A clothing collection program is donated to non-profit organizations, thus making it recyclable and reusable. 

In 2022, 

The goals are to reach 50% of all the garments are manufactured and use 100% renewable electrical energy for their property operations. 

In 2023, 

To use 100% sustainable, recycled, or ecologically grown cotton. Be 100% free from single used plastics products. Being 100% Green to pack which is using less amount of raw material, reuse and recycle. 

Assurance of zero waste, the waste produced in stores, offices, logistics centers will be reused and recycled. 

In 2025,

Make use of 100% polyester, sustainable linen. Reducing the unrequired packaging, reducing and reusing of all the plastics used in ay activities. It also aims for zero net emissions by 2040. 


Zara perpetuates an environmentally – friendly environment and uses non-cruel animal products in each sector. However, it is not fully labeled as VEGAN. Zara does utilize wool, leather, and exotic animal hair but these animals are not killed especially for the fur or skin. These stock are obtained from the animal reared in livestock form. Although most of the stocks have been switched to high-quality leather which is produced from recycled nylon, polyurethane(PU) plants from mushrooms and fruits, and non-animal microfibres. 


  1. What eco-friendly practices have been conducted at customer service?

Zara makes use of paper or compostable plastic bags that are been provided to the customers. These types of plastics can recognize through the d2W logo. The decomposition is through a natural process that causes less pollution to the environment.

2. How does Zara adapts and analyses customer behavior?

The company conducts surveys. Uses online social media like – Instagram, Facebook, to get adapted to fashion sensibility in every market.  

3. How to reach for Customer service?

The customer service in the chat is available 24/7. The telephone number is 1-855 635 9272 from Monday to Friday from 8-30 am to 7-30 pm (EST) and on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm (EST). 

Is Zara Cruelty-Free?

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