Does Kroger take after pay?

The Australian financial technology company Afterpay now operates in the USA, UK, Canada, and New Zealand. Thus, many retail stores and chains accept Afterpay as an eligible form of payment. Does Kroger also a part of such chains? Does Kroger take Afterpay? 

Does Kroger take after pay?

Yes, Kroger retail and departmental stores accept Afterpay at all their ventures. Last year in June only, Afterpay announced the expansion of its service to the major merchants of the USA. Kroger was one such retail store where Afterpay facilitates its services. Now, you can pay later for your purchases at Kroger and use other facilities that Afterpay provides. 

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a major player in financial technology. It facilitates the users to pay for their purchases in fortnightly installments. Notably, no interest is charged to users for paying in this manner. 

Afterpay follows the policy of ‘Buy Now and Pay Later.’ With Afterpay, customers have no restrictions on paying for their shopping immediately. They can pay the bills fortnightly in four equal installments. The good thing is that the installments are interest-free. But, if buyers do not pay the installment on time, they are charged with penalties for late payment. 

Benefits of Afterpay at Kroger 

With its expansion in 2021, Afterpay added one more payment option at Kroger. It could be used for in-store and online shopping from Kroger stores. This new payment option has brought several benefits for Kroger and its customers-

No need for cash 

With the Afterpay app, there is no need for cash and bank balance for immediate shopping from Kroger. You can buy anything from Kroger today and pay for it in four equal installments after every two weeks. You will be reminded via mail to keep your bank balance positive before the date of the installment. Now, shopping from Kroger has become easier for buyers, and retailers can also receive more customers. 

Afterpay takes complete responsibility of non-payment 

Via Afterpay, payments are not received instantly but in equal installment. However, it does not cause any loss to the retailer. The whole responsibility of completing the payments of purchases are borne by Afterpay. If customers fail to pay the full amount of their purchases, Afterpay takes the responsibility. 

  • Increase in millennial buyers 

From the study made about the use of Afterpay in Australia, it is discovered that millennials constitute the highest user category of Afterpay. It means, by adding Afterpay at its stores, Kroger is looking forward to increasing its buyers among millennials. 

  • Interest-free 

The biggest advantage Afterpay offers among the ‘pay later’ financial firms is that it is interest-free. Via Afterpay, users can fulfill their dues in four equal installments every fortnightly. Afterpay does not charge any extra fees or interest for making payments in installments. 

  • Alternative of Credit Card 

As Afterpay does not charge interest for paying later, it will eliminate Credit Cards from Kroger stores. Customers can easily switch to Afterpay from Credit Cards. 

What are the other payment options at Kroger? 

Afterpay has recently been added to the payment modes of Kroger. Therefore, other than Afterpay, buyers can use many other modes of payment at Kroger stores. The major modes of payment at Kroger are-

  1. Cash 

Cash is the oldest form of payment which is accepted at every store. You can pay for your purchases in cash at Kroger. 

  1. Check

While there have been various payment options now, checks are still preferred by the elderly population. Therefore still many stores in the USA accept checks from the customers. There is a verification process at stores where checks are accepted. This varies from store to store. 

  1. Credit Cards and Debit Cards 

Kroger accepts Debit and Credit Cards from all major companies. It accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express all over the USA. Cards could be used for in-store and online shopping from Kroger.

  1. Kroger Pay 

Other than the traditional payment methods, Kroger also has its payment app. The Kroger Pay could be used at retail stores and

Kroger is also looking forward to adding mobile payment options like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc., at their stores. But it will pose competition for Kroger’s Kroger Pay. Therefore, the retail chain company has not yet initiated accepting these apps. 


Afterpay is a major player in the ‘pay later’ world. After claiming huge success in the Australian market, it has now started expanding in the USA. Kroger is one of the wheels in the process of this expansion. Now, buyers can take advantage of the ‘pay later’ policy at Kroger by using the Afterpay app. This is a great choice for buyers for its interest-free payment options. 


  1. Where else can I use Afterpay in the USA? 

Answer: In 2021, Afterpay expanded its services to various merchants in the USA. This includes Amazon, CVS, Dell, Walgreen, Yeti, Nike, Target, etc. 

  1. Does Kroger accept PayPal for in-store and online shopping?

Answer: Yes, PayPal is accepted by Kroger for online and in-store shopping. 

Does Kroger take after pay?

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