Does macy’s do price match?

Departmental stores have become favorite shopping destinations for shoppers because of their discounts and offers. Among the various discounts these stores provide, price matching is one of the favorites of buyers. Through a price matching policy, customers can buy anything from the store at the minimum market price. So does Macy’s offer this discount? Does Macy’s do a price match?

Unfortunately, Macy’s departmental stores do not price match. It has a price adjustment policy according to which any decrease in the prices of purchased products within ten days of purchase could be adjusted in the buyer’s account. To get the adjustment done, buyers have to request Macy’s by email with the proof of purchase.

Macy’s price adjustment policy 

Macy’s does not match prices with its competitors. The departmental store has a price adjustment policy, under which it makes adjustments according to the changes in their store’s prices. According to the price adjustments policy of Macy’s, if the price of any product decreases within 10 days of buying, customers will get back the difference between the prior price and present price. The adjustment is only made when prices change within 10 of shopping for the product. 

Notably, to avail of the price adjustment, the purchase should be made without using any promo code or voucher. Other than a few products, the price adjustment policy is applicable only when the prices of the products decrease within ten days of purchase. The exceptions are-

  • Price adjustment policies for iPhones are applicable if the price decreases within 14 days of purchase rather than 10.
  • Other than iPhone, for other Apple products, the window for price adjustment policy increases to 30 days. That means you can get the price adjustment if the price of Apple products decreases within 30 days of purchase. 

How to get a price adjustment done from Macy’s? 

If the prices of any item bought from Macy’s decrease within ten days of buying, customers can avail of the price adjustment policy. Under the policy, customers will be credited with the amount that is the difference between the purchase price and decreased prices. You will receive the amount in the same way you paid for it. 

To get the price adjustment, customers need to send a price adjustment request to Macy’s. The request could be sent by email or direct chatting with Macy’s. The link for chat and email Id is available at the official website of Macy’s. Notably, Macy’s accepts price adjustment requests directly from customers.

In the price adjustment request, customers are expected to add some important information and documents to claim the return. Customers should mention the item of exchange, date of purchase, price when purchased, the decreased price, and shipping address. Customers should also add a few personal information like full name, active contact number, and email address. Notably, customers should not provide the banking details or account number in request mail for security reasons. 

Macy’s offers various discount

Unlike many departmental stores, Macy’s does not offer a price match. But it has many other offers that provide customers high-quality products at the best prices. Following are the ways to save at Macy’s- 


A sale is announced on a particular product or a particular category of product. This saves extra money for buyers.

Offering Price 

Macy’s offers a discount on the actual prices known as the offering price. These offers are available at stores and

Promo Code 

There are promo codes, vouchers, and coupons that Macy’s offers. As Macy’s and operate as separate entities, their coupons and promo codes are also different. 

Lowest Prices of the Season scheme 

There are seasonal discounts on during spring, summer, fall, and winter. Low prices are offered during this period. However, the price could be even low during the clearance season. 

Everyday Value 

Macy’s offers discounts on some products daily. The product on discount changes according to days. Notably, any sale price, coupon, or promo code could not be applied to this price  

Permanently reduced merchandise 

Sometimes the price of a few products reduces permanently. This is due to the sale of products in the market, market performance, and inventory clearance. For clearance, Macy’s start reducing the price from 25% and keep reducing it till the inventory depletes.

What stores offer a price match? 

Macy’s does not have a price matching policy, but in the USA there are many other department stores and retail chains that offer price matching. These stores are-

  • Target 
  • Walmart 
  • Best Buy 
  • Staples 
  • Home Depot 
  • Lowe’s 


Macy’s department store is one of those stores where price matching is not facilitated. Rather they provide a price adjustment policy. Under this policy, any decrease in the price of the item you bought within 10 days of buying could be credited to your account. Additionally, Macy’s offers various sales, discounts, seasonal offers, and coupons to customers for the best deals. 


  1. Why prices at Macy’s stores and are not the same. 

Answer: and Macy’s stores are separate entities. Therefore, prices, offers, discounts, coupons are all different at the store and 

  1. Does amazon’s price match with its competitors? 

Answer: No, currently amazon does not have any price matching policy. 

Does macy’s do price match?

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