Nordstrom Introduction:

Nordstrom Rack is an American company founded in 1973. It’s a department store chain founded by John W. Nordstrom. It’s main headquarter lies in Seattle, Washington U.S.  Nordstrom is a luxury departmental store that not only provides you with jewelry but also other items such as branded clothes and accessories for both men, women, and kids. It offers a good discount to their customers which made them visit their stores again and again. Currently, Nordstrom operates 352 stores in the U.S. and three stores in Canada. Before 2014 they only sell their item offline or in-stores. But Hautelook launched its website and gave its customers to shop online as well. In 2018, Nordstrom opened its first store in Canada and begin to expand its stores on a global level. 


Nordstrom Rack jewelry Return policy:

Nordstrom Rack’s return policy states that items like designer clothes or fine jewelry can be returned within 30 days from their purchase. Nordstrom also takes back the clothes without a tag on them but should not be worn or used by the customers. You just have to bring your product to the nearest store from your location. If they can’t refund the item, you purchased and wish to return it then they will give it to their customers as a gift form. 

Nordstrom Rack or Nordstrom handle returns separately and try to make their customers satisfied and happy with every service they provide like from purchasing items to returning them to the store. Their philosophy is to deal with their customers fairly and reasonably. They believe in treating their customers fairly. They also refund the item that has been returned to them. If they cannot refund for some particular item because of the circumstance that is there, then they make up for that in a form of a gift. 

Note: For a cash refund, a valid ID is required.

Return via mail:

Nordstrom Rack provides you to return their item through the mail and it is processed within 10-25 days. So, the question is How do I return the item through the mail. Follow these steps:

  1. You must attach a return form that is there in the bag when you receive the parcel and attach a U.S. return label. If your parcel is carrying a fine jewelry item, then the signature of the customer is also required. Please ensure that the value of the package is enclosed.
  2.  Fill out all the necessary details about the order like the order number, SKU number, and return code to the item you wish to return to the company.
  3.  Pack your product securely and attach a return form and invoice in the box. If it’s possible, try to pack your product in the original packing. 
  4. Once you are done with work. Choose a mail carrier near you and send it to the store’s address given on the website.  It’s more convincing if you choose the carrier of the returned product that is trackable. You will receive an email when our warehouse collects your parcel (for online order). 

Return in store:

You need to bring the item to the nearest store to your location. You must attach the company’s tag along with the product you are bringing in the store for an exchange or return with an order invoice. All the orders that are received by the customers are printed shipped recorded by the company on the shipping label. When the return is accepted by the company, a refund will be processed through the original method of the purchase of the customer’s product. For fine jewelry, there are selected stores that accept the return in-store. You can go to the jewelry department in the store. Bring the slip or bill of your purchase along with the item you wish to return and your credit card from which you have purchased the item. 

Return of international order:

International returns are to be returned through the Return merchandise authorization form to receive the refunded amount.  You can contact customer service to get the form. Refunds on international orders include duties, taxes, and tariffs when it is sent with a form. If you are returning your parcel without the Return merchandise authorization form, then there is a chance that your refund amount will be entirely paid by the company. The company cannot offer free returns or merchandise exchanges on orders shipped internationally. 


Hope this article helps you seek the information you need about the Nordstrom Rack return policy. It states about the returning of the item including clothes and also fine jewelry. There are some special things that the customer may have to do when returning the jewelry. But the company’s return policy try to make the whole process easy for their customer and treat them fairly. 


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