Lexani Tire Warranty


The Lexani company is situated in California, USA. It is one of the leading brands of manufacturing tires. Moreover, all the parts and materials used in manufacturing the tire are developed by the company. The tires manufactured by Lexani are known worldwide for their performance and affordability. It is one of the most reliable vehicles in the market. Moreover, the interior of the vehicle is featured with high-tech safety features. It is one of the most trusted vehicle manufacturing companies in the whole world. The differences in tire quality can change a person’s driving experience. Also, the Lexani tires are smoother, stable, have extra load capacity, decrease road noise and many more. These tires are affordable and long-lasting. Moreover, these tires suit all geographical locations. Lexani Tire Warranty

Lexani Tire Warranty


Warranty refers to a guarantee given by the manufacturer or the seller to the consumer. It also includes the terms and conditions and the situations under which repair and replacement policies of particular company work. For example, when a consumer purchases a car, the working of that car is guaranteed by the company. If it doesn’t work, the consumer is liable to take required actions. The consumers of the user can claim for repair or replacement of any products if that product has not yet reached the date expiration of the warranty. The companies and manufacturers claim warranties in their products to increase the trust of their buyers and ensure them a good quality of that product.


The tires manufactured and sold by the company provide them with a warranty for a limited time. It also includes some special situations or circumstances under which the buyer is benefitted. The Lexani tire provided by the company is of a special type. This is why the warranty period of Lexani tires is greater than any other company.


Every company that manufactures the tires have a limited time duration under which one can claim compensation. The tires used in four-wheeler vehicles is almost 2-3 years from the date of purchase. Although, there are many conditions applied in this case. For example, the geographical conditions in which the tire is used. Like for the mountain region, the given period for the duration of tire warranty is 1-2 years. 

Moreover, different companies have different warranty periods for various vehicles and tires. Also, one important point of the company’s tire warranty policy is that, if the tire is worn down by 2/3 rd of the total material of the tire. In such situations, no repairs or replacement is provided to the customer despite it being the tire in the warranty period.


The mileage warranty is given only on the initial tires, that were provided by the company during the time of purchase. This is one of the most uncertain types of guarantee which is provided by the company. Since the mileage of the vehicles or tires differs from one another. Moreover, due to differences in the road surface, geographical influence and driving conditions, mileage provided by the vehicle differs. 

Although, under normal conditions, the warranty on mileage after purchasing the vehicles is six months. In the mountain region or the desert area, the warranty period on mileage is three months.


There are different types of products used while making a pair of tires. Sometimes the original or the high-quality tires are not provided during the time of purchase. It is because there is a possibility of tread wear. Therefore, the company changes the tire within one month of purchase.


The various types of road hazards that are included in the company’s warranty policy are punctures, cut, bruises and snags. Moreover, the damages caused by the potholes, large stones, metallic parts etc. present on the roads can also cause damage to the tires. If the damage is suffered by the tires due t any of these situations, the consumers can claim. The company is likely to provide benefits whenever the tires are distorted due to road hazards.


Lexani is known to create luxurious and affordable tires. It is a USA based manufacturer. The company has collaborated with many vehicle manufacturing companies to provide reliable tires. The aspect of warranty on vehicles and individual parts are covered in the Protection Policy of the company. All the vehicles sold by any branch of the company has a certified ten years of warranty. It also includes compensation given in repairing or replacing the vehicles in some situations. These tires are known to be effective and efficient in all geographical locations like plains, forests, mountains and deserts. Under natural circumstances, the warranty period of the tire is 3-5 months.

Lexani Tire Warranty

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